Wednesday, March 20, 2013

around here {living open}

In my corner of the world things are happening, and although spring has officially sprung, the weather wouldn't know it. It's raining and windy and then sunny, all within a 20 minute span. Even though the weather doesn't feel so spring like I made a little display on the kitchen table. It's bright and cheerful, even if the weather says otherwise.

Also in the round up are these things:

Around here I cannot stop reading, the stacks around the house a testament to my diverse interests:

Paleo Revolution
The Great Gatsby
Bird by Bird
Raising Spiritual Children
Writing Tools
The Divine Conspiracy
and my current obsession: Love Your Husband Love Yourself

If you read any book about sex and marriage, this should be the one. It's mostly about sex, in a good wholesome Biblical way. But it covers other stuff as well. I grabbed it from my sister on Sunday and am almost done with it. And it's not small. Seriously, get this book. And then get one for every newlywed you know. They will thank you, their husbands will thank you too.

Around here it is spring break. Officially. That means my only boy, my oldest child will be 10 on Monday. Ten whole years. I will forever contend that I am not old enough to be anyone's mother. Our party planning sucks but we've narrowed it down to a friend sleepover on Friday and a family dinner on the actual day. And that means lots and lots of ribs. The boy, he loves to eat. I hear it only gets worse from here.

Around here we have ordered new tile for our kitchen counters. And a new sink. And a new faucet. And hopefully, Friday, new lights-as long as the electrician says it's cool. Cool as in possible where we want them. 

Around here: Staycation is going down next week. I don't know exactly what we'll be doing but I know it will involve a food tour of our area. And since we like to eat as much as our man child, that'll be gosh darn fun. 

Around here one little girl pulled her tooth out last night. Pulled as in take one slightly wiggly tooth, tie it up with dental floss and yank. It was gross. It was bloody. But she was pretty stinking proud. Even if it made her mom sit down with her head between her knees. 

And finally, perhaps the toughest around here is the challenge I've been feeling lately to live open. I read it the other day: Let us do good to all people. (Galatians 6: 10) And as a recovering no-woman this is hard. My first impulse is always no. No to whatever comes up, no to doing new things, no to just about everything. Well, nearly everything that wasn't my idea in the first place. But that's not what life should be about. Living open is about expanding my ideas, being willing to take on new ideas, being willing to say and do good to everyone around me. My husband. My kids. My neighbors. My friends. The stranger on the corner. Living open is the way Christ commanded us to live, to share and be generous with all that I have-including my time, including my resources, including my possessions, including my money. The opposite, living closed, leaves me left out and missing God's richness in my life. I am praying to get better at this. I am longing to grow flexible. And I am anxious to see what God brings my way as I purpose to live with an open heart and open hands. 

And what about you? Is it spring break where you are? And does that usually mean snow like it does for us? 


  1. We have been mentoring 3 young marrieds. Going to check out the book now.

    "Bird by Bird!" I'm glad you're not afraid of a little A.L.

    10 is a big deal! My boy is nearly... (I CAN'T SAY IT)...fffff...iii..fff...TEEN! it goes fast. my suggestion is DO NOT LET YOU'RE BOY TURN 10! :-)

    1. fifteen!!!! I don't think I could take it. I just asked my 6 year old if she could stay 6 forever-she looked at me liked I had just sprouted horns. I don't think she's gonna listen to me on this one.

      as for my son, he is stubbornly growing older-and that just about does me in.

  2. Not spring break here yet...but soon! Staycation for us too. I love posts like this with little bits of random goodness. I haven't heard about the Love Your Husband book. Will check it out. But I see you're reading Bird by Bird {on my list; I'm reading a Lamott book right now too.}

    Happy Spring! Even though it's cold. : ) I hope you'll get some actual spring weather to warm up your spring break!

    1. I'm enjoying Bird by Bird, it's been like a little kick in my pants at times. And the other one is one you just need to read-it's good!


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