Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Friday {or where that one Christmas song got it all right}

Today is when it all goes down. Today is the day filled with simultaneous wonder and horror.

Today is Good Friday.

We can’t just jump to Easter, completely passing Good Friday by.

We want the victory but sometimes we fail to acknowledge the reality of the battle.

We rush on to say “He is Risen!” And he is-praise God-he is! But we gloss over the suffering and the pain that paved the way for the miracle. 

I can’t partake in the victory if I’m not willing to join Jesus in the battle, to suffer alongside him. My heart must be like Simon, who gladly bore the cross for his Savior. Did Simon know the significance of his task? It paints a picture for us today of how we must be willing to walk the Calvary Road in our own lives-the suffering and the anguish make the victory that much more sweet. 

Paul said it perfectly when he said that we must share in the Christ’s sufferings (2 Corinthians 1:5) and that we are crucified with Christ (Galatians 2:20). We deny ourselves, we make a choice to die to one of way life and enter into a new way-Christ’s way. 

But in the suffering there is hope. Redemption was found as Jesus rose in victory. His suffering, his death, and then his glorious resurrection were all for us-broken and messed people who are utterly lost without his saving act of grace. Because it was grace that drove him there, grace to extend to us the way we don’t deserve. He does it and because of his act, we receive life. Glorious victory over death, over sin, over every chain that binds us, was bought for us on that cross. 

Today we remember the day it all went down. At Christmas we sing of Bethlehem: the hopes and fears of all the years are met in thee tonight. And on Good Friday we sing of our Savior: the hopes and fears of all my years are met in you-today. Right now. 

The lens of history reveals the glorious mystery of the old rugged cross and the man who took my place there. We can look back and see it unfold, his substitution for us and his love that compelled him to take our place.

Oh Praise the One who Paid my Debt

And Raised this Life up from the Dead!


  1. Very well written! I've often thought the same thing when I take communion...we usually talk about all the benefits of the cross, which are amazing and wonderful and so undeserving, but fail to consider what it means to drink the whole cup, which includes His sufferings.

  2. Well said.

    There's no way I could skip Good Friday. In fact on Sunday we began Easter (worship in the car) with Tree 63's "It's Friday But Sunday Is Coming."

    Btw- one Easter I began worship with "Joy to the World," cause that too is "One Christmas song that got it right." :-)

    1. I was singing Joy to the World all weekend long! It feels especially true at Easter!


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