Saturday, March 9, 2013

looking for sunshine and the Son

It's a new day.

The sun is shining.

The tank is clean. The tank is clean!

But seriously, the sun is shining. And today that feels like the greatest gift of all.

It has been dreary and dismal. I drove around in a snowstorm yesterday. But today? It's all fresh, and thankfully snow free. The dreary weather has left me feeling melancholy. (Bonus points if you read that like Megamind, because now I always do. Mel-on-cho-ly)

The dark days have left me feeling dreary myself. I tried to blame it on hormones but really I think it was the start of a vitamin D deficiency. But I think too that it is something else. Gloomy days remind me of where my hope should be.

We set our hope on you.
We set our hope on your love.
We set our hope on the one who is the Everlasting God.

I haven't always been too good at turning to the hope giver in the midst of the blues. I know putting on loud worship music normally snaps me out of it, I know that dropping to my knees in prayer does the trick too. But I usually forget.

I need the Son even more than I need the sunshine.

So this weekend I will watch the extra daylight dance on the kitchen walls and I will turn my face to the Son. He fills us with hope. And I will only see his goodness if I'm looking for it.


  1. i know the darkness of winter is taking it's toll, I'm beyond ready for Spring,

    beautiful photo!

  2. "I will only see his goodness if I'm looking for it."
    Looking for it with you today.

  3. I LOVE the picture. Just what I needed to read this morning! Hope you have some beautiful Sonshine moments today! xoxo


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