Friday, April 5, 2013

around here: revolutionary household things

Around here the house has been busy. And I’ve figured out some revolutionary spring cleaning tricks. Sort of. One of them involves spray paint, that’s kind of like cleaning-right?
Lent has come and gone, and I actually did work through my entire list to clean the entire house. 

Well, most of it. I have somehow missed the linen closet and the hutch that holds a mess of old homeschool supplies. I think I’ll need liquid courage to tackle those pits.

But, the rest is done. And in the process I have found a revolutionary new organizational system. Want to hear it? I know you’re dying there.

You see, when I embarked on this forty day cleaning challenge I had large and lofty organizational plans. I had ideas of buying baskets and bins and shelves and other goodies to store and hold all of our crap. And then something happened. I cleaned out all the closets. I emptied every cupboard. And took several trunk loads of stuff away to donate. Or to the trash. It was a pretty good mix of both. 

And here’s the revolutionary secret I discovered:

I don’t need to to spend money on fancy pants organizational systems if I simply get rid of all the crap in the first place. 

I know. That is a life changer. And my house feels like it can breath now. Plus I got to use my cute tea cups to hold bobby pins. Win-win.

Other revolutionary things around the house:

White spray paint never fails to brighten anything up. I took all my black frames and blasted them white. On a related note, sorry Honey about that white stripe that makes it look a like a skunk was flattened out and left to die on the drive way.

Hello new kitchen light. And the continual shock that it took us nearly six years to install this bad boy. I wish we had just called a dang electrical from the get go. Worth every penny spent. And even sooner, we will be adorning our kitchen with a new big sink, new counter tops and a beautiful subway tile backsplash. It’ll be swoon worthy, I know it.

Also, I procrastinated on cleaning out the linen closet and converted a small cupboard in the kitchen to open shelving. I know, my project management skills are mind blowing right? Yes I know it's an awful picture. My kitchen is narrow and I had to stand on the opposite counter to get this picture. The bonus though is that you get to see my cute white owls. Lucky you!

And then there’s this bit of brilliance: extra paint kept in a peanut butter jar for touch ups. Life changing.

Also, I managed to get a stubborn bright pink ink stain off of a white tablecloth and somehow it made me feel like some sort of domestic diva.

Seriously, spring break provided us with loads of fun, but it also allowed us to get stuff done. Which is really good for my mental state, as in it makes me happy. And you know what they say about mom being happy.

Also, my husband is a rock star. He’s making raised beds for the garden. Four of them.  

It’s gonna be a good spring.


  1. i spotted your lovely new light fixture somewhere recently and swooned over it. so cute. so retro.

    i know what you mean by the house breathing, and not NEEDING fancy pants containers. i come around to that, too.

    i cleaned some gnarly window sills (left by the previous owner, and i hadn't gotten around to them yet). i assume i felt the same way you did getting the pink spot out of the tablecloth.

    i also have a wall of newly painted black frames...guess we should have swapped.

    happy spring cleaning!
    looking forward to swooning over your new kitchen.

    1. It's nice not to need those new things. And clean windowsills are the bomb!

  2. Once again we're on the same wavelength. I've started some spring cleaning (more to come); we painted over spring break (getting stuff done makes me SO happy too); and I'm getting ready to spray paint all my black frames white! Love all your new springy updates.

    1. Thank you. I think spring does it, doesn't it? Gets us all out cleaning.

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  4. Gina, Jesus used you to speak straight to my heart yet AGAIN! :) I just wrote in my journal what you said about us being JUST the right mom (or in my case wife) that our own kids (in my case husband) needs us to be! It's so true that my hubby doesn't have the wife down the street because in fact he wasn't meant to. :) Thanks for the reminder. As a new wife (and someday mother!) this is such great Truth for my heart. Sometimes I feel like my sweet hubby would be so much better off with a calmer, saner, sweeter, prettier, more organized more EVERYTHING wifey... But Jesus reminded me that He gave me to my hubs for a reason. :) THANKS for the encouragement!!

    1. Thank you for sharing that Rachel! It brightens my day to hear that, praying that you rest secure right where God has placed you!


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