Monday, April 22, 2013

around here

As I begin the week I realize my lists are a bit long.

But that’s okay.

In the rush of spring and new life, there is always something to do.

This week my prayer is that I would simply choose the right things to do and let the rest fall to the floor.

And so we have the weekly round up-where we are and how things are progressing, if not only for your own amusement (someone has to laugh at my foibles) but also so I will remember the daily rhythms.

Around here I am embracing gray and pink. Gray for my hair and pink for my skin, simply because it’s spring and pink seems so appropriate this time of year. And a slowly changing head of hair makes one reevaluate their color choices. And yes, in my real life I am always surrounded by Lego creations and children's drawings. I kind of like it that way. And now I realize that this picture does not accurately reflect the gray in my hair at all. Trust me, it's there. Even the shy, quiet friends of my kids are starting to point it out. Thank you. Like I don't know it's there.

Around here I am making fast friends with Daniel, my physical therapy genius. God used him to fix the ankle and I know he’ll use him to fix the mess of nerves and out of place things in my neck. He mentioned something about an ergonomically correct work station making things better? I have no idea what he means.....I think I have some adjusting to do.

Around here things are hopping in the kitchen, and the emails tell me we will have new lights delivered today. Also, the husband tells me that there is a good possibility of the new sink being installed by the end of the day. Which means the bathroom will become the kitchen, at least for a day or so. And typing that out makes it seem so, so wrong. But alas, we are all grateful for running water-no matter what faucet it comes from.

And finally, around here I’ve realized that most home contractors could probably benefit from adding marriage counseling to their services. Because home renovations, however big or small, can be stressful. And there’s something about a kitchen in complete disarray to bring out the best (and by best I mean worst) in a married couple. Thankfully, we really do still like each other even if we would have gladly bashed the vacuum cleaner over each other’s heads last week. 

So around here, we are setting ourselves up for a good week-a week of getting stuff done, a week of adjustments (literally) and hopefully a week of saying hello to a redone kitchen.

And that is really all I know today. And now I will go rock this Monday. You should too.


  1. you are too cute.

    physical therapy rocks. glad your ankle is better.

    our bathroom sink was our kitchen for 6 weeks last year (the toilet even back the garbage disposal a few times... needless to say that bathroom was OFF LIMITS for it's original intent). that michael (also the contractor) and i survived that is no small miracle.

    may God magnify his grace upon you both!

    1. Thank you friend!

      I cannot even imagine six weeks-I'm such a whiner over just a few days!


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