Monday, April 15, 2013

for when life gets messy

Life is messy.

Here I sit on my comfy leather chair. Wearing shooting ear protectors. My husband is sawing into our counter tops, the nasty ones that are starting to peel and tell too many stories of baking escapades and burned dinners.

Someday soon we will have new countertops. And a beauty of a backsplash. And a huge, deep sink.

Right now there is a fine layer dust covering my kitchen and trickling into my living room.

And the pot of coffee I just brewed is now filled with sawdust. At least I got one cup out of it.

And it hits me.

All is grace.

Grace to soldier on in the middle of the mess. Grace to see past the dust and debris and inconveniences that life throws our way. Grace to continue, even when we want to just bury our heads under the covers. Which would have been welcome today as we woke to snow.

But the process of growing and improving is not easy. It's messy and it's tough and all too often it leaves bits of stains on our lives. But those stains tell a story, they speak to where we've been and how we've grown. And it's a certain truth in life that we cannot have any sort of growth without pain and struggle. It's the struggle and the mess that make the improvements so much more worth it, because we can see easily the stark difference between the two.

So today I will be okay with mess, the mess in my kitchen and the mess in me. I can be okay with it all because I know that God loves me too much to leave alone me in my messy places. As I receive his grace I can find freedom in the middle of it and hope to know that it won't last forever. Thank God, it won't last forever.

And guess what? In the middle of the messes life goes on. The snow falls and melts, the kids get picked up from school, the dishes get loaded and we do it all again tomorrow. And in it all God's grace is there, waiting and available for us to yell for his help. Because here's the honest truth: I'm just a simple gal who always needs to lean heavy on grace. I'm living in the middle of mess, my mess or the mess of those around me. And I need to holler for help much more often than I actually do.

He always answers, oh yes he does. He lifts us from the mess, he puts us on a solid place, and he enables us to shout praises loud for all to hear. He might not immediately make the mess go away, but his grace begins the process of putting everything right.

Everything right, not just in my kitchen but in my heart as well.

May your Monday find you full of hope friends, hope because he is not done with us and our situations. And may we be quick to lean on grace when it gets messy.

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