Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Mother's Day {yes, it's coming faster than you think}

Mother's Day is upon us. And maybe you're already making a little wish list?

I am. But's pretty short-I really just want a little basket for my cruiser bike. Something wicker and romantic. And then perhaps a nap. I'm a simple girl.

Since I happen to be a mom I kind of like Mother's Day.

Also, I happen to have a mom and several other "other moms" in my life. I love the opportunity to honor them.

But I know Mother's Day isn't always roses and candy.

For some it's really hard, painful, even unbearable.

Did you know that the woman who lobbied for Mother's Day to be added to the national calendar later lobbied to have it removed? She grew disgusted with the over commercialization of it in such a short amount of time. Although she was never a mom herself, she valued the day and pushed Congress to make it official in honor of her mother who was committed to speaking out about women's rights and world peace. This was in the early 1900's. It quickly became such a big deal that she spent the rest of her life working to get rid of it.

Interesting, isn't it?

What she had hoped would be a day to privately commemorate moms has turned into the most expensive holiday of the year.

All of that leads up to the question of the year: Since Mom's Day is always Sunday, there's a pretty good chance that a lot of us will be in church. What would make that service special to you?

Focusing on moms?

Not focusing on moms?

Funny videos of kids telling us why they love their moms?

An inspirational message that encourages women in every phase of life?

Good coffee?

You see, I have the honor of speaking at our church this Mother's Day and I wonder what all the ladies out there really need. What would speak to your heart on this day that is loved by some and dreaded by others?


  1. Personally, I don't care for all the Mother's Day hype. I feel like everyday should be mother's day... that delight and esteem and love should be expressed daily (I also feel the same should be expressed toward the other members of our family). Yet, I see that some mom's don't receive this daily, so maybe that one day is necessary for them and their families.

    A few years ago, when I was leading worship, I put together a video for Mother's day, where i collected pix of mom's with their children (this was fantastic, because the dad's or children had to give me the pix, and mom was blessed by that. And the photos spanned 30 or more years). As the photos played the worship team sang Caedmon's Calls "Sacred."

    (I play this yearly on my blog, as I now have it set to music for my own motherhood journey).

    I think reminding mom's that this is a sacred time encourages/cheers them on to keep running this portion of the race well.

    May God's spirit lead you to speak whatever he wills for the women in your church.
    I know He will be glorified through you!

    1. I am going to go watch your video- what really got me thinking about Mother's day was an article I came across:

      I came into motherhood very easily, and so I don't have the perspective of those who haven't had it easy concerning children. I want to honor those who have struggled, those who mourn over their journey, those who wish it were different. I want to be sensitive to all stages of womanhood and motherhood, and not leave others feeling left out or dismissed.

      In that light, I am leaning on the Lord to guide the words, guide the heart of the day.

      Thank you for your prayers!


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