Thursday, April 25, 2013

that time we almost got chickens

So maybe you’ve noticed that we’ve had a few rough days around here. 

I mean really, our bad days aren’t really all that epic. I blame most of my bad days on a cosmic collision of hormones and lack of chocolate. Those are the days when things get really rough. 

And that’s okay.

Life is lived in the trenches and life sometimes gets messy.

And then the kitchen, oh gawd-that ding dang kitchen. Although in reality it has only taken a very short amount of time it feels like for-evah. And a few days.

In other news we decided to get chickens.

Then five minutes later we decided we were crazy. Even though I did have all the girls named by then: Lady Edith, Lady Mary, Cousin Cora and the Dowager Countess. Seriously. We also planned a really amazing chicken coop. Then we realized we’d actually have to build said chicken coop. And we looked around at our own domestic version of Armageddon and decided it would have to wait for next year. Because other silly things like broken sprinklers and peeling paint seem to be yelling for our attention. 

And such is life. 

There is always something yelling for your attention. And here’s a little tip to deal with that: go to the sporting good store. The one that sells guns. And buy some noise canceling earphones. And then wear them. All. The. Time. Even if you never use them for their intended purpose, it will be worth it. I promise. 

Because kids yell and kitchen redos make you crazy and you really wanted those chickens, darn it. 

This year we will settle for a painted shed and a glorious raised beds, that is, if spring ever comes. I hear rumors that she may show up this weekend. 

I think I’ll give her a party.

And in the meantime I will still be waiting for the new lights from Schoolhouse Electric, because there was a mix up with the shades. I have been watching in vain for the UPS truck since yesterday. And the rumors around the house are that I will be kitchen sink-less this afternoon until sometime tomorrow. If all goes according to plan.

In the meantime I am looking at this: 

So because of that I felt justified in whisking the girls away from Sunday school to drive 20 minutes (each way) to the best gluten free bakery around.

It was worth every mile.

And finally, that is all the rambling I can take-and I’m sure even more than you can handle.

Oh, one more thing-I finally finished my crochet granny blanket. Someday I will show it to you, it’s a beauty if I do say so myself.

And finally, finally, is it Friday yet? Because it should be. And that’s all I have to say about that.

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  1. your kitchen peak looks fabulous.

    we've wanted chickens a number of times- mama holly even gave emilie a chicken for her 10th birthday- in hopes to get us moving on the a chicken coop. never happened, and likely to never happen.


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