Tuesday, May 28, 2013

around here (long weekend style)

Around here we made really good use of the long weekend. We cleaned (of course, and much to my kids' dismay). And we had a some BBQ time (why not). And more than anything-we had a yard working party galore.

The raised beds are done. And even seeded, with little baby sprouts of things coming up. The tomatoes are standing by, ready to be transplanted. And we're crossing our fingers, praying that the weather holds and that we are finally done with night time freezes. Because it's a whole lot of work to cover all this stuff up.

We also carved out a little sitting area, underneath the willow. It's divine. I'm thinking some hanging lanterns will just about finish it up.

Also around here, I've been living off green smoothies. Right now my favorite combo is mango, peach, a frozen banana, kale, a glob of Greek yogurt and some rice milk. Yum. And filling. And because it's green the kids aren't really all that interested in sharing with me. Which is sort of, kind of nice to have it all to myself.

Also around here, we did a mad dash to pick paint colors for the entire downstairs. Ugh. I cringe at the thought of painting it all. But it needs it. So when I saw that Lowe's had a rebate on paint this weekend I knew that I needed to get moving, even though I probably won't actually paint until next month.

So we agonized. And debated. And finally choose Valspars Filtered Shade, mixed at 50%. Five gallons later (it was cheaper to buy that much, and we plan on this for all of downstairs and up the stairs too) we are ready to paint. Ready, as in, at least we have the supplies. But that is about as ready as I feel about it. I hate to paint. But I know I'll love the results. And a great way to look at a color without being distracted by what's around it is to cover up the surrounding area with white paper. That was my husband's brilliant idea. And I'm so grateful for it.

Around here we finished off our Sunday with strawberry shortcakes. And since it's so tough to find good gluten free recipes I was thrilled to find and make these. Yum. With fresh whipped cream it was amazing.

And around here, we have only 7 school days left. I am so ready for summer, and I think the kids are too. We are anxious. Also? We're ready for some summer weather. But that usually shows up a bit later around here in this temperamental climate.

So what about all of you? Summer vacation yet? Summer weather yet?


  1. your back yard looks AMAZING! love it.
    putting white paper around the paint was genius...why have i never thought of that.
    my spiritual gift is cutting. don't ask me to roll.
    i've got 4 painting and 2 staining gigs in my house this summer.

  2. Love your backyard! We moved into a new house with NOTHING in the backyard. Not even a single tree, just grass. I'm at a loss of where to begin, but your backyard has given me a few ideas. Neat fence too :)


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