Tuesday, May 14, 2013

now appearing: our new kitchen


It's new kitchen time. I have been so excited about this for such a long time, long before we ever set out to actually do this. Even in the dreaming stage I had ideas about how I wanted this kitchen to be. My gobs of Pinterest pins told me I wanted white, I wanted bright, and I wanted simple.

I think we accomplished all of that.

Now, to be honest-this isn't a full on kitchen makeover. We painted the cabs ages ago. We didn't get new appliances. And since we just replaced the floors a little over a year ago, we didn't fuss with those either. Sidenote: after a full year of living on our Pergo laminate I must say I am still in love. They are gorgeous and easy to clean-two essentials as far as I'm concenred. Take my kids- I think they're the bomb diggity, and all it takes is a garden hose to clean them up. Gorgeous? Check. Easy cleaning? Check.

But...back to the kitchen.

She is the kitchen of my dreams. Sure I wouldn't mind top of the line stainless appliances and all, but for what we have and where we are in life I couldn't be any more pleased.

Enough yammering.

We decided on white. Zac installed the white subway tile, which is ever so inexpensive. And our friend helped us with the counters. They are porcelain slabs, with a slight marble pattern. They are beautiful. And so lovely to clean.

The plates I've had for ages, but hanging them above the tile makes them feel brand new to me. Well, as new as old plates can get.

It's not a huge kitchen, almost galley like but thankfully not as narrow. But having it on the smaller side makes everything nearly within arms reach.

I converted this little end cabinet to an open one a while back and found a little basket to hold our oil and vinegar and such.

The lights are one of my favorite things. The large overhead was ordered from School House Electric. She's a beut! And with a 150 watt light bulb we have no issues with it being dark and dreary. Also, we added a pendant above the sink. There was nothing there before so I had to make do with a little lamp on the counter. That was fine, but not ideal. We wished we would have paid an electrician to do this long ago. It was surprisingly easy, and also surprisingly cheap. Win. Win. The pendant was a deal from Lowe's.

The vintage bread box was a gift from a friend. She looks just right at home here, don't you think?

And perhaps the show stopper is our new Elkay sink-it's big baby! Really deep. Like hide an entire meal's worth of dishes inside and you can't even see it peeking over the counter. That is also my favorite thing.

 Isn't she pretty?


And what's a kitchen without coffee?

And those open shelves? I do adore that. Especially with my lovely white dishes. I just recently added beadboard wallpaper to the sides and back-and that is one of the easiest projects I've ever done.

And now we swing back around to our dining area, which is conveniently located near our family room, which is also conveniently located near the front door. We live close together here. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

A few things I learned from this process:

Be patient. I'm so glad I took the time to research and dream for a while, it cemented what I wanted in my mind. And it helped us to source out good deals on certain things.

It's okay to splurge, at least a bit. The sink was nearly a budget buster. But I'm so glad we went with it. Years from now it will still be lovely because it's such a good brand. And the stainless steel is of the stronger variety, which means it's sturdy. That thing is not going anywhere.

Use samples wherever you can. I'm really glad that the tile store let us have samples for an unreasonably long amount of time. Having a few different options for counters was good, but living on the samples for awhile was even better. We learned quickly what wouldn't work for our house and our busy (read, messy) lifestyle.

And finally, don't settle for something you only kind of sort of like. I'm so glad we ran with stuff we loved. It makes the kitchen a true happy place for all. Especially me. And really, as the chief homemaker that's pretty darn important.

And now, let's compare-shall we?

Here is the kitchen, after I painted the cabinets.

And here is the update on that, with fresh white walls.

Also, a little bit on the open shelving conversion-which is long overdue for updated photos. But you see the new version above. So it's all good.


  1. this looks fantastic. i love love love the lights. the counters look great. that sink... maybe i'd actually forget about the dishes (and that would be nice).

    and want to know what i love most, that you are happy with it just as it is...without the fancy appliances and whatever else pinterest-the-devil tells us will make us happy.

    i am trying to, and you inspire me to love my made-over (never shared) kitchen, too.


    1. Ha! Pinterest is of the devil! I knew it!

      Thanks friend, I really am thrilled. It's a happy place to be.

  2. Oh, your kitchen is so charming! I'm so in love with that sink set, it's just so beautiful and sleek. The color scheme you chose is so calming and cozy, I think I'd definitely enjoy spending a lot of time in that kitchen!

    Stephanie Prince
    Woods Custom Kitchens


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