Friday, May 10, 2013

this mother's day, it's not just for the moms

If you’ve ever reheated your coffee three times in one hour.

If you’ve ever answered the question why.

If you’ve ever scaled Mt Laundry, only to find it reappear the next day on the bathroom floor.

If you’ve ever attempted to catch vomit in your bare hands.

If you’ve ever said some form of “because I said so.”

If you’ve ever mourned over the choices you made when you were young. 

If you’ve ever hid in the pantry while the tiny dictators yell. 

If you’ve ever given yourself a time out.

If you’ve ever cried over a hallmark commercial.

If you’ve ever planned end of life care for your own Mom.

If you’ve ever taught a group of eager learners.

If you’ve ever dreamed of making a picket sign and protesting in front of your own house. 

If you’ve ever hit a child with a popsicle. 

If you’ve ever picked a sleeping baby out of a crib, just so you could hold them a little longer.

If you’ve ever waited in vain for the positive sign on a pregnancy test.

If you’ve ever filled out reams of adoption papers.

If you’ve ever forgotten to fill out a permission slip, missed a school event, burned the dinner, lost your temper, laughed till you cried or cried till you laughed.

If you have ever done any of those, you are not just a mom-you are a life giver.

You are the ones who run and play chase. You are the ones who wait late in the night for teenagers to return home. You are the ones wait for God’s answers when the months go by long and the result is always no. You are the ones who choose to love and mother any way you can-whether you nurture your own children or someone else’s. You can slap a science project together at the drop of a hat, whip out a sort of homemade costume, and relieve a weary friend or daughter of her own offspring for a while. You are the ones who give life; you mentor and you love. Bottom line: you care, whether the ones you care for are your own through biology or through choice. And even when the equation is flipped and the ones you care for once cared for you, still you care.

No matter how you came into this whole gig of nurturing, and even if you’re still waiting for your turn, today I salute you: the moms, the caregivers, the life givers. Today I raise my lukewarm cup of coffee to you. We need each other, sisters, mothers, friends, grandmas, spiritual moms, our whole posse of support. We all need each other. So this one is for you-there is not enough dark chocolate in the whole world to thank you for all you do. 

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