Wednesday, May 8, 2013

today: be amazing

Today it is my mission: just be amazing. Be fully here. Slow down and rest. Because May began and already the schedule is full and the days are packed. Those lists are ever long. At least to me. 

And I catch myself in a scurry from one task to the next, checking things off with hardly a memory of actually doing the task. Emily Freeman said it today, and it resounded with my heart: I am not a robot.

I can’t just move from one thing to the next, like I’ve experienced a lobotomy. At least I shouldn’t. I need to pause. I need to breath. I need to let my heart take a moment and just be. 

Because in the busy of the end of the school year and the looming of summer I have nearly lost myself. But the drumbeat of my heart is ever to do less and be more. I know I have to do that on purpose. I have to take a moment; time out, power down, in order to really live that out. 

So today I get dressed and put on makeup. I drink the coffee slow and with patience. I answer the call of the hammock in the sun. I see the dog's pleading eyes, so off we walk. We walk and we pause and we take a collective breath.

I’m speaking at church on Sunday, and I know that the enemy is conniving. He is working. And God is teaching me the lesson that I will need to teach come Sunday morning. And isn’t that always the truth? The teacher must learn the lesson before she can teach it. Because God in me, changing me, is what matters to affect the change in others.

So today, I purpose to be amazing. Even if being amazing simply means taking a nap and soaking up the spring sun. 

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