Friday, May 3, 2013

when motherhood gives us the blahs

It’s truly how we feel sometimes. It’s really how I feel sometimes. It’s the blahs, the doldrums. It’s a fight against the change of seasons and the growing of children. It’s just down right blah from where I sit.

It seems I can’t find my rose colored glasses anywhere.

And it’s in the monotony of motherhood that I feel as stretched as the day they were pushed from my body. I feel worn and their cries and fighting grate on me like nails on chalkboard. Squeaky tires. A rock in the dryer.

It’s on the days that I feel worn thin that I have to fight really hard to keep the end in mind. The toddler days are behind us but these childhood days, lengthening into adolescence seem to loom ever bigger on my mind. I don’t know how I will see them through.

And then I remember that I don’t have to have the answers. 

I need to have open arms, open for hugs and the embraces of sweaty school aged offspring.

I need to have open ears, ready to listen their stories-their heart-their tales of trials and triumphs and funny and terrible.

I need to have a closed mouth. Because, obviously they can’t talk if I never shut up.

I need to not have patience unending but the perspective that says these days, when the fighting is endless and the nerves are shot, are the building days; the days we build their souls, the days we feed their spirits and love them home.

Because this job, this job of mothering and raising and leading, is absolutely the most important thing we will do. It’s not a life put aside, it is a life fully lived. This career, though it doesn’t supply health insurance or a 401k, pays dividends in the realm of love and joy. Even on the days when we feel stuck in the doldrums. Especially on the days when we feel stuck in the doldrums. 

When no amount of bootstrap pulling can turn us around, we run hard and long to grace and Jesus who says he is enough and will provide everything we need for this crazy job we call mothering. 

And he reminds us that his grace is sufficient and he is more than enough for all that we need.

Because we are not just making humans, we are raising souls. We are raising an army, warriors who fall and fail and learn and then try again. And we battle alongside them, fighting on our knees and trusting God with the people he gave us. 

Don’t ever believe the lie that society tells you, the one that says you’re just a mom. Sure you make meals and fold laundry and roll through town in your minivan, but you are doing the most important job on earth. Don’t ever forget that.

And when those doldrums roll around we make the choice to get up, shake the routine and dance through the house with the rag tag, drive us crazy sometimes bunch the Lord has given us. And we say it is more than just okay, it is good. Even when it’s hard. Even when we want to fake our death and run away. Even when the bedrooms door slam and tempers flare.

He saw you and knew you’d be just the mother your kids needed, so he gave you to them. And you really do have what it takes.

Sometimes we just spend too much time focusing on what’s overwhelming us that we forget to see the wonderful that surrounds us. Or maybe it’s just me? 


On a similar note, this pulling out of the funk comes by shifting my perspective to God, to his love and his grace and the fact that he stuck me here-and I have a mission.

Also, read In Praise of the Stay at Home Mom. You'll be reminded that mothering is the best job ever.

And finally, I'm really just talking about the blues-not serious depression. That is something different, something that takes more than just shaking yourself out of it. If that's you, seek medical help.


  1. Great post. A much needed reminder as I am in a very challenging season with my kiddos right now. Thanks for sharing : )

  2. Those seasons come, but also aren't you glad they're just seasons? Praying that it passes quickly and that you'd be able to find joy jus where you are!

  3. great post, gina.

    as a mommy i must "enter his gates with thanksgiving in my heart." like you (and every mama) i NEED in there.

    checking out the book.


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