Monday, June 10, 2013

diving in: the summer of yes

It is so on.

We are full in the throes of summer vacation.

And I love it.

We've sailed through a few days by being a bit lazy and a bit restful. We've had some friend time and a cousin sleepover. I've tackled a few items from to-do list while the cousins dreamt up Barbie wonderland. All in all, I'd say we're off to a good start.

I am fully expecting a summer of being with the kids, doing some homeschool light and lots of adventuring. And I guess that means there won't be quite so much writing here. At least not about serious heart matters. Is that okay? Maybe it's good to lighten up in the summer anyway. And even if my posts take a turn from their normal route, I trust you'll stick around.

And in the meantime, I painted our downstairs. All of it. In one day. If you're a local friend or an Insta-friend you may remember the post I made. I managed to paint to the entire downstairs in one single day, and wasn't even tired at the end of it. Also? I only needed to do one coat. I truly believe God gave me a few extra hours and gobs of extra energy. Or at least more than normal. And since he's God I suppose he can do that. He's the one who held back the sun for Joshua when the Israelites were fighting a fierce battle.

And then I put it all back together, all before the kids came from their last day of school.

By the way, I cried. I am still surprised that I did. First days and last days get me.

And then we planned. Sitting down with the kids I worked out the summer schedule. It's packed. And that kind of makes me feel nutty. Not because of the schedule but because there are some good chunks of time that we won't be all together as a family. And I kind of don't like that. Zac and I will be gone to youth camp for ten days straight this year. The kids will be off to kids camp for 5 days. And they'll also have a week with grandparents at the end of this month. And so then there's just about 5 weeks where they're home. And then a week to surprise them with a Disneyland trip. Since they don't read my blog and never have unsupervised internet time I feel like it's pretty safe to say that here. (Insert excited squealing by me-I cannot wait to see their faces!)

But, all of that to say that I'm kind of feeling like we just don't have enough time. Homeschooling was great because they were always home, and we were always together. (Okay, so that wasn't always the best, but you know what I mean.) But I miss them. I was sharing this with my husband, the great perspective giver, and he reminded me about my day painting. He said this: "I suppose if God did what he did for you on that day, he can do that for us this summer." I trust that he can. I trust that he can take our time together and make it count, I trust that he can stretch the days and the hours in a good way so that we can get the most out of our time with our kids. And I also trust that he knows me, and the desires of my heart as a mom: to get the most out of my days with my children-before they fly off.

I know it'll be a busy summer. But I trust that God will cause it to be the right kind of busy. Also? This perspective is causing us to say no to things we might not normally say no to this summer. And that's okay. We won't do swim lessons, or football camp, I won't attend the ladies Bible study, and we may bow out of a few social things. But we do that so we can say yes to the kids, yes to family.

A summer of yes done this way sure sounds pretty good to me.

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