Friday, June 14, 2013

quick summer art project

Our days are full, the good kind of full. 

Our evenings are lazy, in a good take the dog for a long walk kind of way.

And our mornings are long, like the kids slept in till 10 and the house was quiet all morning and I had to check to make the girls were still alive.

It's been nice. And yes, they were alive and just waking up.

With all this respectable laziness we decided to create. I gave them watercolors and told them to think abstract. They looked at me like I was from crazy town. So we had a quick lesson.

And we painted like crazy. 

A friend even joined us and contributed.

After we amassed a pile I got to work.

I took all our papers and cut random sized triangles. No measuring. Just guessing.

I kind of laid them out on a white canvas. I cut more little triangles to fit, just guessing as I went.

Once I got them laid out I pulled a few off and coated the canvas with Modge Podge.

There was no exactness to it. I just played. 

In the end it looked amazing.

It was an easy fun project, and the kids loved to find there own little pieces of art hidden in with the rest. And I love the splash of color it brings to my newly painted walls.

(In full disclosure, I found the inspiration of this art piece here.)

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