Tuesday, June 25, 2013

when soap is like sin

It doesn’t take much. It seems that old habits die hard.
Just like that, I fall back into sin. It’s the same old thing, over and over. The things I want to do I don’t do, the things I don’t want to do I cannot helping doing with repeated diligence.
It’s like the soaps I got once for a gift. They were beautiful, locally made soaps that I had been eyeing for a long time. As quickly as I unwrapped them is as quickly as I started using them.
I enjoyed them every time I showered. I inhaled them. I delighted in them as I lathered up.
I felt pampered every single time.
Until I noticed some red, itchy spots on my skin.
Must be a bug bite.
But those itchy spots grew and become painful.
Must be my laundry detergent.
But then the pain and discomfort became too obvious to ignore. Was it time to visit the doctor?
And then it hit me....
Maybe you've wrestled with sin, maybe it's nagging at you. Maybe the same old habits are dying really hard. You're not alone. And there is a way out.

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