Wednesday, July 3, 2013

because you are more than what you do

Caught up in the vastness of summer, I am sitting here with iced coffee in hand trying not to sweat. It’s 10 am and already 80. So today we are going to head to the local swimming hole and pray it’s not a mad mob of people.

Because this girl does not like crowds.

But this girl does like the long lazy days of summer. And watching the kids run crazy wild through the sprinklers. And a never ending supply of iced coffee. 

The kids were all gone all last week. Consequently it was quiet. And slow. It gave me lots of time to think about not doing stuff. Which is apparently what we need in the busy days of summer. Because there is a certain sort of busyness that a mom of three experiences in summertime. It’s really just my busy season, similar to a retailer’s Christmastime. And since it comes in seasons, it’s all good. 

But it seems a resounding echo of my soul, this pull to do less and be quiet. The desire to hole in and shut the world out and just be. At least for a while. 

I read these words the other day from the Divine Conspiracy by Dallas Willard:

“Doing nothing has many other advantages...quite possibly the gentle Father in the heavens would draw nigh if we would just be quiet and rest a bit. Generally speaking, he will not compete for our attention, and as long as we are in charge is liable to keep a certain distance.”

And then I read on:

“The cure for too-much-to-do is solitude and silence, for there you find you are safely more than what you do.” (emphasis added)

Even in the busy of summertime I am seeking that out. For me it it means less technology time, less time with a phone or tablet in hand and more time just sitting. But not sitting only, sitting and praying. Or meditating on something I read from the Bible earlier or a verse I’m trying to memorize. 

And as much as I hate it, it means me trying to get up early and have some alone time. Because the honest truth is that I need quiet. And that’s hard to come by with the three, so I have to carve it out. And after I soak up as much quiet as I can we are usually off to some sort of summer fun. 

And it’s really the way it should be. Even though we desperately need the quiet, we live in a loud world. It takes decisiveness to quiet the mind in the midst of the noise. It takes constant turning attention towards Jesus, away from everything else. And yes, it’s hard. But it’s worth it, we find when we practice quiet we are more apt to hear God’s still small voice-even when it’s noisy around us. We find when we practice solitude we are so much more comfortable to simply be. Because we shouldn’t be defined by what we do, we are defined by who we are and who we belong to. 

“You will know this finding of soul and God is happening by an increased sense of who you are and a lessening of the feeling that you have to do this, that, and the other thing that befalls your lot in life. That harassing, hovering feeling of “have to” largely comes from the vacuum in your soul, where you ought to be at home with your Father in his kingdom. As the vacuum is rightly filled, you will increasingly know that you do not have to do those things...Soon you may even come to know what it is like to live by grace rather than just talk about it.”

Today I will choose the quiet, even in the crowds and the busy. Today I pray to be filled only by God alone. We truly are more than what we do.


  1. Amen to quiet. I NEED it, too. And your right, summer is a different kind of busy, and I too HAVE to be just as intentional about moments of solitude.

  2. I was looking through some posts labeled projects on the Life Made Lovely blog and I came upon one that was all about a Hoop Swap. I clicked on one of the hoops and found myself on your blog. So I've spent the past hour (on and off since break time here at work has ended) reading some of your posts.
    I have thoroughly enjoyed what I've read so far. Well, maybe enjoy isn';t exactly the right word for this particular post. But I was definitely convicted by this one!
    You are a wise young woman...and I shal return often for conviction, encouragement and smiles!


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