Sunday, September 29, 2013

Family on Purpose {Creating the Family You Were Meant to Have}

Join me everyday in October as we uncover how to be a Family on Purpose.

You may not have kids, at least not yet. Or you maybe entering those years where you're welcoming grandchildren. Or you children might not be on your horizon at all. Maybe you're surrounded by them, and all their friends. 

Whatever your family looks like, this is for you. Because children are important. They matter to God and so they should matter to us. Raising them up well should be our utmost priority. Is it a big job? Absolutely. But it's not impossible.

Day 2 : Our History

Day 3 :  Why We Do It

Day 7 : Filling Up

Day 9 : No Leftovers

Day 12 : Pray

Day 13 : It's all Joy

Day 14 : Making Time

Day 15 : Finding Routine

Day 17 : Devotions

Day 18 : Adventure Days

Day 19 : Books to Read

Day 20 : Cease Striving

Day 21 : Team

Day 24 : It's about Time

Day 25 : Say Yes

Day 26 : Teabox Truth

Day 27 : Sunday Thoughts

Day 31 :  In Conclusion

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