Tuesday, July 9, 2013

the one where summer zips by

Our summer, she’s a flying. It’s rude I think, to keep us waiting all year long and then stay for such a short time. But that’s her way, and still we love her.

We spent the last week of June kid free, and though I had such lofty thoughts of writing smart words all week long I really just found myself sitting. 

I know, so exciting.

But it was needed and it was good. And I’m pretty sure if I had it to do all over again I wouldn’t change a thing. Of course Zac and I had some great time together too. That was priceless. 

And I also fought with my ancient sewing machine. The machine won. That’s really all there is to say about that.

And I had a birthday, we celebrated with the kids before they took off.

And then the kids came home. Even though I enjoyed my mommy break I was thrilled to see their happy faces. Since they’ve been home the last week has flown by. It doesn’t help that we had the fourth of July thrown in there.

And all of that to say that we’ve had to say no to some things so we can say yes to the things we really want to do. Because summer can sometimes be bossy with electronic distractions and celebrations and play dates and all. The noise can overwhelm. But we want to be intentional about fostering this family. We want the kids to know that we’re a team, a unit. And teams only function when they go through things together. So we do. We turn off the tv and say no to movie nights so we can ride bikes or read or share God’s words with young hearts. And it feels so contrary to what everyone else is doing, but we know it’s so right. We are building something here, we are raising world changers. And to do that right we have to start with their hearts, and with our hearts as parents. 

This summer has found us working and building on that foundation. And it has been good. It’s not without it’s challenges, but it is still good.

I often find myself caught in the nostalgia of motherhood. Where I miss their baby days and pine over the memory of freshly bathed baby curls. And then I am grounded right smack into my current reality of 7 (my baby, she’ll be 7!!!) and 8 and 10. And their long lanky legs surprise me. Their keen insights on life catch me off guard. Their jokes leave me in stitches. And I love it. And though I miss those littles I love the right nows. This season of building family has been different, and not any easier than the days of three under three. It’s still hard, just a different sort of hard. It’s one where it we find ourselves praying more and seeking God’s way for family like we've never done before. And in the seeking and praying he’s been good. He always is. 

So this summer season, with it’s burst of summer fun and activities, has been one of tilling the rich fertile soil of family. Building on a foundation of who we are as us and reminding our kids that God has a mission for us as a team, not individuals. 

The arrows are growing. And we are all learning. 

And it’s been incredibly fun. 

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