Monday, August 19, 2013

hello Monday

Hello to lots of quiet time outside on summer mornings-something I've done nearly all summer. This backyard is one of my favorite places to be. 

Hello to gorgeous fire red sunsets, the only perk of a very active fire season around here.

Hello hairy Argus.  You need a haircut. Maybe this week?

Hello to the last of the summer adventures, while we gear up for a great big old adventure to Disneyland in a few weeks.

Also? Hello excited family for that upcoming trip.

Hello to lots of sewing machine time. 

Hello beautiful garden bounty.

And finally, today I'll be saying hello all day to the girls' bedroom as I paint and clean and continue on in redoing the whole thing.

And, right now I guess I am saying hello to procrastination. Because of that thing I just said. That room won't paint itself!

What are you saying hello to today?

1 comment:

  1. Hi Gina!

    Disneyland!! Woot Woot! Have fun. If you need a place to crash in route your family is always welcome here.

    I have a girls room to repaint (already did once this summer, but BAD color). i'm saying "hello" to all kinds of procrastination, too.


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