Friday, August 30, 2013

I should be packing

Home brings such comfort to me. We’ve been living in this abode for over six years now. And as the years go it feels more and more like home, more like us

When life gets frantic I take great solace in this dusty place, filled with fingerprint smudges and dog hair and laughing people. Not always about the laughing people. Sometimes they fight and hit and scream. Even then though, I love this place we call home. 

And when I should be doing other things, like getting ready for a trip, I find myself mitigating stress by taking pictures of this place I love so much. 

I call it a trip because it’s not really a vacation, if you read this article you’ll get it. If you’re a parent, you’ll get it. We don’t take vacations. We take trips. Maybe someday when the stars align and pigs fly over the moon we’ll take a romantic vacation for two. Until then we take trips, crazy loud ones, when the kids get carsick and we spend 16 hours cooped up in the silver bullet that is our mom van. But in all honesty, we wouldn’t have it any other way. Because we’re gonna rock this trip like no other, that’s just what you do when you go to Disneyland. 

Until then, I will just procrastinate and enjoy this quiet place. Because the next seven days are going to be loud. And super fun.

Also? We’re taking the kids out of school for the first week. Yes. We are those parents. The ones who know that life’s too short and kids won’t keep and we have to make these memories now-while they’re young. The ones who embrace the messes and the fingerprints, even though they sometimes make us scream silently inside. The ones who have been counting the days until this awesome trip. 

Back to school will still happen, just a bit late for us. And we’re cool with that.


  1. your garden looks lovely and lively.

    have fun on your trip! the first week of school is all introduction anyway, so they won't miss anything... and a few months from now we'll be following your lead and pulling our own 3 out for a vacay (cause they're older now, and it really does get enjoyable) to d-land!

  2. A quick hello as I'm nursing myself today.
    No photography, no processing, hubbie took kids to school. Back to bed.
    But I saw you are in year 2 of kids in school just like we are. It's a crazy transition isn't it?
    Much love and blessings.

  3. And how do I put that eblogger thingie on my site???


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