Wednesday, September 11, 2013

celebrate the day

At the end of the day I celebrate over ice cream and hidden pieces of dark chocolate.

When it’s all said and done we can declare victory over it all.

We watch that one episode of that one show that alway make us laugh tears.

Or we let the bubbles do their dance on our toes as we inhale a few stolen moments of peace. With a glass of something adult like nearby.

Right now we celebrate the day.

We celebrate not because we did anything super remarkable. We celebrate because it’s precisely that normal, somewhat unremarkable life that is making a difference for someone else.

We celebrate because we showed up.

We made the dinner, even if it was carry out.

We did the laundry, even if it stayed in the dryer all day long.

We mopped the floor, even though the dog tracked mud across it five minutes later.

We filled out the forms and read the homework and did bath time and said prayers. We laid out kisses and planned tomorrow’s school clothes. We made deals and begged for obedience. We asked for just a little more time. We stayed up too late and had to get up too early.

The remarkable thing that we did today was simply show up. Today, you were present. So was I. 

Maybe we didn’t get our family devotions done.

Maybe dinner descended into levels of tyranny and anarchy the likes your kitchen has never seen. 

Maybe the homework didn’t get finished and you just couldn’t get that stain out of your new shirt.

But that’s okay.

It’s okay because we were here and our families benefited from our presence.

It’s not about being the perfect mom, because there is no such thing. It’s not about getting it all done, because that list is always growing with more items added before the other ones can even get crossed off. 

Even if we yelled a little at their slow pace on the way out the door.

Even if we fumed while we scrubbed carpet.

When we took care of sick ones and cleaned sick messes and wiped yucky noses, we were there. And that’s what’s matters.

When we feel like we aren’t amounting to much as moms we need to remember that we are building families and breathing into small souls. We are life givers, and in that, we are world changers.

That is why we celebrate. Not because we cured cancer or figured out that whole health care thing, but because we are raising little people who just might grow up to be the right person to lead our country to greatness. Or who might actually cure cancer. Or win Olympic gold. Or maybe, who will grow up and love God and raise a strong, healthy family-which is all we ever want for them anyway. We celebrate because we are raising world changers. And in that we change the world. 

We celebrate because God saw us through it all. He noticed the things the others overlooked, the actions that define us as mom and wife and woman-even the ones that no one else sees. We celebrate, and in doing so, we celebrate not just that we give life to others, but that we have been given life. A life to live and to lead and love. A life that is a gift straight from God’s ever generous and always loving hands.

Because when we feel unseen, we know we really aren’t.

When we feel unloved and insignificant, God calls us his chosen ones.

When we feel beat down, God names us victorious. 

And that’s worth that bowl of ice cream at the end of the day.


  1. LOVE this! We DO have reason to celebrate even when things don't go perfectly.

    Thank you for the reminder. :)

  2. Such a great reminder of the grace we have been given & what a wonderful opportunity we have to "do" life with our loved ones!


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