Wednesday, September 25, 2013

housekeeping and fallifying

I know you all know that autumn has begun. Around these parts she came blasting in with wind and heavy rain and cold the likes we haven't seen all summer. Sometimes fall comes in all tiptoeing and quiet. We continue to wear our flip flops and sip our iced coffee and wonder what day it is. But, sometimes fall comes in like a force to be reckoned with.

It's supposed to get down to freezing tonight. Which of course has prompted me to pull every living thing out of the garden like a woman possessed. I even enlisted the children. 

Save those tomatoes! Dig up the carrots! And the green onions, dear God, the green onions!

Around here we often wax poetic about the change in the seasons. And sometimes we tend to exaggerate.

In honor of the wet and dreary weather I made a few changes around the house. And stocked up on jars for canning up all those green tomatoes. 

It's a seasonal thing.

Also, it feels like good housekeeping because the only time things get a real proper dusting around here is when I move things around. 

In other housekeeping news I have a few things for this little bloggy blog I'm working on too. Posting regularly would be one of those things. To help me with this I've decided to jump on the 31 days bandwagon. Because calling it a bandwagon makes it sound like I'm in a parade, which is something I've always wanted to do. But not in a big costume. I want to dance, like at the Thanksgiving day parade.

Sorry, I got distracted. But really, doesn't that look fun? 

I've written here and there about how we're trying to do this whole family thing on purpose and how we really want to take seriously the job we have to disciple our kids. But, honestly, this is hard work. So I was thinking that would be good for me to expound on it. If nothing else, and if no one reads it, it'll help me to gather my thoughts on the whole thing. 

But, I'd love for you to read along. And I'd love to hear your feedback. And I'd love to chat with you about your feedback. But that last part is hard, because I've noticed that lately a lot of my commenters are no reply comment bloggers. And that makes me sad. You might not even know if you're a no comment reply blogger. All that means is that when you leave a comment here and I get the little email about your comment, I can't email you back. I can reply on the blog and I often do, but I don't know that you'll ever read it. You know?

So I am asking you, dear readers, all five of you, to stop being no comment reply bloggers! 

Because I score a zero point five in techie skills, I'll rely on this lovely post written by someone else to show you how. Look, I even made the link ginormous so you can't miss it. Don't be scared. It's really easy. Go read it. And then let's have some conversations.

Peace out. And goodnight.


  1. Hi friend! Okay, you're officially in my bloglovin' feed so I won't miss your posts. : ) Yay for your 31 Days! I did it 2 years ago and it was such a great experience. And writing the school series, even though it was just 10 posts, was actually harder because it went so much deeper than I'd planned. I'm still a little weary from it but you're exactly will help YOU organize and process your own thoughts about an issue and that is a rich gift indeed. Also? I'm with you on the no-reply comment bloggers. I may need to make a little bloggy announcement about that too. Have a great weekend!

    1. I know it'll be a challenge at times, but at the same time it's something that God's been working in me for a while. So I know it'll be good to process :)

      Thank you for joining me!

      Have a blessed weekend!


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