Monday, September 30, 2013

Parenting on Purpose {an introduction}

Welcome to 31 days of Family on Purpose. I'm so glad you're here.


Let’s get one thing straight as we get started. I am not a perfect parent. I don’t mean to step on toes, but you aren’t either. In fact, there is no such thing. There is no perfect parent, and there is no ideal family. Perfection will only be found on the other side of glory, when we stand before God. Until then, we’ve got some work ahead of us.

While there is no perfect parent, there is a perfect kind of parent: the one who tries. The parents who are intentional in how they raise their children are the best kinds, those are the ones who know that it is a job that takes work. They are always working to improve themselves to be up to the task of raising up people. 

Perfection can’t be achieved, but that shouldn’t slow us down as we pray and endeavor to become the best, most intentional parents around.

Being a family is something we automatically become as soon as we leave our parental homes and become someone’s Mr or Mrs. But being a family on purpose takes work. Intentional parenting is parenting that recognizes that kids are gifts entrusted to us to be molded and shaped into God’s best. Doing that is something we set out to do on purpose. 

And that is the reason for this series. Would you join me this month as we explore what it looks like to do family on purpose? My prayer is that by the end of the month we all have a better idea of why God created families in the first place and how we can be purposeful in equipping ourselves and other families to lead our children closer to Jesus. 

Being a family on purpose is about discipleship, it’s about mentoring, and it’s about reaching out to the spiritual and physical orphans that God has placed around us. It’s not a to do list. It’s a mentality that acknowledges who God created our children to be, and what our role is supposed to be as we raise them up.

So if you’re a parent, of course, this is for you. But, if you’re not a parent this is for you as well. I pray that you will be encouraged to partner with parents around you-because their kids matter too. Maybe you’ll even get some ideas for when God brings children into your own families. And if you’re on the other side, with grown children and possibly grandchildren, this is for you too. Because God calls all of his people to create disciples; the best place to start is within our own families.


  1. Looking forward to reading your posts, Lord willing and should He tarry! :)

  2. FABULOUS! I agree I agree I agree! This is exactly how i view parenting... visiting from 31 days... will be following you for this month!


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