Friday, October 18, 2013

Family on Purpose {Adventure Days}

A long time ago we instituted Adventure Days. Days for family outings, to shake up to the routine and intentionally be together became a staple of our team building exercises as a family.

Since the kids have returned to school, we find we need the adventure days more than ever.

We were going to yank them out of school on a recent Friday, then realized that it was already a holiday. So we had no reason not to go.

We loaded up, us five and Zac's brother's seven and headed north. The Fruit Loop was calling.

Lots of driving and nearly a hundred pounds of apples later we came home happy, if not a little carsick.

I like this team that we've got going here, this family, these adventures, this life. It's beautiful. And I'm grateful.


This is day 18 of a 31 day series on 

 building intentional family, catch up here.  

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