Monday, October 7, 2013

Family on Purpose {Filling Up}

Cars were not designed to run on empty. When the gas tank gets low that bright yellow indicator light on my van goes on. I know just how far I can go before it’s emergency gas station time, and all too often I take it to the limit. I know that will cause me stress and anxiety, and it often puts me late for appointments or other things. My van quickly goes from wanting that fill up whenever I can get to it, to needing it now, or it will just quit running altogether. Thankfully it’s never gotten to that point, but we have cut it close a few times. 

It’s not unlike our lives. 

We need to fill up to get where we want to go. We need to be filled so we can be efficient in doing the specific things that God has called us to do.

When it comes to raising little people, or maybe not so little people, us parents need some generous doses of God. We need to be filled. 

My husband and I have been thinking about this whole idea of how we are to purposefully and intentionally disciple and mentor our own kids. It’s something we know on instinct that we are supposed to do as parents. It is our responsibility to live a life that will naturally lead them to the Lord. But it’s also something we don’t always know how to, or we have a hard time finding the time or the wherewithal to do it.

And that is exactly why we need to be filled up. We can’t give away that which we don’t have. 

We fill ourselves up by making a daily choice to read God’s word and spend time in prayer.

We fill up in church services.

We also fill up by taking care of ourselves. We take date nights. We have girls days out or boys days shooting things. We exercise, eat right, and get enough sleep. We maintain a few hobbies and love to escape with good books.

We don't normally have date nights at Disneyland, but I love this picture. And how my dad had no idea that he was photobombing us.

We make time to do the things that make us better individuals, and that makes us better parents. Daily Bible study is a huge part of this, but it’s not the only part. 

Also, we never understatement our immense need for Jesus and the power of good cup of coffee.

We fill up. We understand that it’s no one else’s responsibility to fill us, we have to work to do that on our own. And our family is better because of it.


New here? 

This is part 7 of a 31 day series on how to be intentional as a parent, or more specially-creating the family you were meant to have.

You can catch up on all the posts here.


  1. I know we have become more aware of this the older our kids get. These are pivotal years, and we want "disciple and mentor" and help our children form healthy habits that will stick when they leave our home.

    1. We've only got them for a little while, and we have so many opportunities while we do!


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