Thursday, October 31, 2013

Family on Purpose {In Conclusion}

I hope by now you’ve realized that this is not a how to series, at least not like most how to series. What this is, this creating a family thing, is about a shift in our perspective and a change in our hearts.

It’s certainly not adding in more things to do, like duty or obligation. It’s learning how to work with what you have, even while you prayerfully edit things in your lives that don’t serve the ultimate goal of raising your kids God’s way. I don’t feel okay in listing out a bunch of things to do, because this looks different from family to family and even from season to season within each family.

Raising our kids with intention and purpose takes, well, intention. It’s not a list of things to do. It is a mindset about who our kids are, and how God longs for them to stand up and be a part of a bigger story.

Above all, it’s a journey. We all will have stops, starts, and fits. We will wonder if we’re parenting well or not. Some days I will mess up more times than I care to count, and that’s okay. Because of God’s grace for me I have learned to have grace for myself.

In the mundane, daily ins and outs of parenting remember that small things matter. Don’t despise the seemingly insignificant things you do as a parent. That quick conversation, that evening you spent building Lego, that time you had ice cream for breakfast. Those thing matter. Sometimes filling a bucket one drop at a time is more efficient than allowing a deluge to flood it, overflow it, and topple it over. Just one drop. Do just one thing. Then another. And another. Every little prayer, every time you point to God’s truth, every moment you have that resounds with the light of the gospel. Those matter, and they add up. 

Don’t allow the enemy to discourage you, letting you feel like you’re way too far behind to even start. Just start. Start where you are, with what you have and watch God work wonders. That’s his speciality.

This is the final day in a 31 day series. You can catch up on the rest here. Thank you for sticking with me this month. I write to share what I'm learning, and to sort out what I'm learning for myself. Be encouraged as you parent your kids. Be uplifted as you look outside your family to other children who need a positive influence in their lives. And be resolute as you put your children as a top priority in your lives. They deserve it, and this world will benefit from strong kids who grow into strong, Christ following adults.

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