Thursday, October 24, 2013

Family on Purpose {it's about time}

Is forty hours of instruction enough to shape a soul? Would forty hours get the job done in transmitting a faith legacy? Can forty hours seal the deal when it comes to eternity?

In just forty hours can we lead young people to fall in love with Jesus? Can we then, in those same forty hours, teach them how to walk out this life with God? Is forty hours enough to learn to be a true Christ follower in spirit and in truth?

It sounds a bit inadequate to me, to teach a young person all they need to know for living out a faith filled life. It seems like a tall order to fit all the faith teaching a person needs for life, in a mere forty hours.

What if we had 3000 hours? 

And what if I told you that you had those 3000 hours? As a parent you have around 3000 hours of time with your child in one year.

The average youth or children's worker in the church has about 40It would take 75 years of church attendance to replicate the teaching time that parents have with their own children per year. 
hours of instruction with our children per year.

Knowing that, will you continue to passively leave it to the church? 

We have a choice my friends. Use those 3000 for the greater good. Or spend them watching T.V. What will you choose?

This is day 24, catch up here.

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