Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Family on Purpose {making different choices about how we spend our time}

Maybe you’re thinking that this whole way of doing family takes a lot of time. You’re right. It does. But I learned a long time ago that if you’re creative and intentional, you can always find extra time.

We all have the same 24 hours in day. But we all make different choices in how we spend it. In our family we have learned to be really purposeful in how we spend our free time.

Because we value the time we have with our children, we place family together time as a really high priority. And when the schedule is full and looking busy, we look for ways we can involve our kids in what we’re already doing. 

At our house that means the T.V. is off most of the time. It also means that time sucking, attention hoarding, lean forward devices are made quiet and put away in the evenings, for kids and parents alike. We cook dinner, together. We read a book, together. We play games, together. We pray, together. 

To facilitate that we keep books out all the time. And we put games nearby so we can easily grab a deck of cards when we feel like playing. And then we went one step further and faced the couches a different direction, away from the T.V. They’re on wheels, so we can roll them around for a movie night if need be.

If all this together sounds like a lot, it is. Before you imagine all this idyllic time together, please realize that it’s not. We don’t spend evenings around the fire darning socks or whittling wood. We have other places to go, church stuff and after school stuff and time with friends and extended family. And sometimes our evenings descend into complete a disaster of children attempting a coup over the parents. So the reason that we’re so intentional about the time we do spend is because there are often things that take us elsewhere. And that’s okay.

But I learned a long time ago that every time I say yes to something I inadvertently say no to something else. For that reason, we say no to some extras so we can say yes to the family.


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This is part 8 of a 31 day series on how to be intentional as a parent, or more specially-creating the family you were meant to have.

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