Sunday, October 20, 2013

{Family on Purpose} Sunday Thoughts

This little series here has been. But I miss being chatty about life and stuff. And lest you think I forgot that part of me, here's proof that for all my introspective ways I really am a chatty Kathy.

But today, this Sunday, this verse has been humming through my mind lately. A lot. It comes up in all kinds of places. Someone puts it on their Insta-face-pinteresting feed. And then someone else mentions it in casual conversation. And I can't forget that while searching for another Scripture I just happened to land on this one.

God is clearly a sucker a for the obvious.

And if that wasn't enough to get my attention (trust me, it was) I read all about it Emily Freeman's new book.

Being still is apparently pretty important. Emily unpacks that a bit in her book. I won't ruin it for you, but her explanation brought me back to the original language. You may recognize this verse better as saying "Be still and know that I am God." In the original language that be still actually means sink. It gives me the picture of sinking into bed at the end of the day, sinking into that bubbly bath and exhaling the day, or sinking into the arms of your husband after you feel like you've lost every parenting battle ever.

It reminds me to stop trying so hard. It catches my attention and asks me to simply be and receive all of who God is in me. This sinking isn't about giving up, not like you think. It's only about realizing that we don't have what it takes, no matter how much we do for God. He doesn't want what we do anyway, he just want us as we are, falling into him.

As a parent I can often get caught up in all that I feel like I should do for my kids, but that line of thinking often causes me to forget that the most important thing is that I am in Christ. As a mom, the best thing I do is just be in Christ. Sink into his presence. Rest in his grace. And that's the most important thing you can do too.

This is day 20, catch up here.

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