Monday, October 21, 2013

Family on Purpose {Team}

I say it often around the house. So much so that the kids are beginning to roll their eyes. I am pretty sure they think, “there she goes again.”

But good things bear repeating.

We are always reminding our kids that we are a team. 

I guess that makes Zac coach, and me? I’ll be assistant to the coach. 

When they begin to fight, they hear it again. 

When they don’t want to do chores or help around the house, I remind them once more.

And when their words fly like daggers to cut through each others tender hearts, they really hear about from me.

We are a team.

Being a team means we all work together. We operate from the same playbook, one where love and generosity and kindness make the rules. And this process of discipling our own children means that we get to be a unit, growing and learning all together.

We just have to remind ourselves often of that truth. 

We work together, and there’s not even an option not too.

They do housework, there’s not an option there either. Although they fight it, we expect them to pull their weight around here. And they are beginning to. 

We consider our teammates in the decisions we make. And here’s one thing we remind them of often, they don’t have to fight with one another. I think sometimes there’s this subtle mindset that can come along with families that siblings are supposed to fight, or that teenagers never want to be with their parents. We aren’t promoting that at our house, in fact we tell them flat out that it’s just not true. What we get to do as a family is enjoy each other’s company. And as parents we expect that to be the case. 

We are a team. Sometimes we just have to remind ourselves of that truth. 

This is day 21, catch up here.


  1. Our family sounds similar to each other. We don't use the word team, but we do instill that we are "for each other." We also don't "subtle mindsets." Our kids do argue, but hitting never happens in our house. My teenagers also like having me around... or at least they pretend to :)

  2. I bet your teens really do love having you around!

    We just recently started with the team thing, and it seems to help motivate us - sometimes. Sometimes I think it just annoys them to be reminded of it ;) But we do it anyway, because that's what we are!


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