Thursday, October 3, 2013

Family on Purpose {Why We Do It}

“Since you cannot do good to all, pay special regard to those who, by the opportunities of location, time or circumstance, are brought into closer connection with you.” Augustine of Hippo

God made kids. God made parents. And in his divine wisdom, he put them both together. Anyone who’s been around children for more than a few minutes knows they have a propensity towards self destruction and extreme mess making. Without parents and bubble wrap many kids wouldn’t make it through the toddler years. 

As surely as God made parents and children to be together, he made people to be in relationship with him. 

If that’s the case we can reason that God made children to grow into adults who will know him. The Bible promises that all who follow him now on earth will be with him forever in eternity. If we follow that line of reasoning, then we must conclude that our children are eternal beings, souls who have the potential to change the world and lead other souls to Christ. 

If we are to effectively disciple our kids, we can’t neglect to look at them in light of the gospel. We’ve got to see them as co-heirs in Christ, right alongside us. We are God’s children, and if we’re his children then we are his heirs, indeed we are co-heirs with Christ through God. (Romans 8:16-17) That co-heirship applies to every Christ follower, adult and child alike. That truth causes us to see our children not just as kids, but as future brothers and sisters in Christ. 

I am blessed to have a very close relationship with my parents. And we are doubly blessed in that we are all in pursuit of Christ and his ways. Now that I’m an adult our relationship has naturally shifted from that of child/parent to friend. It’s only enhanced in that we get share our relationship with Christ together. We have an opportunity to pray together and encourage one another and even hold each other accountable, as equals. And indeed, we are equals in Christ. I want nothing less for my own children. So I will raise them with that end in mind, that one day we will be equals before Christ. Discipling our children and doing family on purpose causes us to parent with the end in mind: a child who can later become a friend and a co-laborer in Christ.

It might be a different way of looking at our children, it’s really something I hadn’t thought about much until lately, but embracing that mindset has dramatically changed how I relate to my kids-for the better. It moves me from punishing them when they disobey to taking the opportunity to create a teaching moment. It causes me to sit down with them and hear their hearts when they’re struggling. Yes, it takes more time and more of my energy than ever before. But when I think about then end I realize it’s worth it. We’re learning here, and often it feels like we get it wrong more than we get it right. But, we’re moving in the right direction. And that makes me excited for the end goal, because, with God’s help, it is attainable.


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This is part 3 of a 31 day series on how to be intentional as a parent, or more specially-creating the family you were meant to have.

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  1. I think this is what Purposeful parenting is all about! We see our kids as future adults... with the same responsibilities that we have as adults... to bring glory to God... to live holy, set-apart lives. Everything we do with our kids should move us and THEM in that general direction. Great post!

  2. Yep, we were made for his glory!!

    Thank you!


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