Saturday, October 5, 2013

What if I don't Have Kids? {part 5 of Family on Purpose}

The great commission is among some of Jesus’s final words to his disciples. It makes it pretty clear. 

Go and make disciples. 

He didn’t differentiate between parents, children, adults, or teenagers. He simply told his followers to make disciples. I think, in his grace, he leaves it open in how we do it. This disciple making will look different from season to season.

There are many people who do not have children, for a variety of reasons. But even more importantly, there are many children who don’t have parents. Or maybe they have parents physically, but spiritually they are orphans. 

James 1:27 defines pure religion as taking care of widows and orphans. It can easily make us think of literal orphans, those who do not have parents. But a close look at the original language defines orphans as those who are without comfort, those in need of hope and help. 

Our neighborhoods are filled with orphans.

The local school is teeming with children who have parents that are physically present but emotionally absent. 

Even our church hallways contain children in great need. 

God’s mandate to make disciples applies to all of us, parents or not. And those who do not have children have a unique opportunity to partner with parents to raise up those spiritual orphans into adoption as sons and daughters in Christ. A quick call to the local elementary school will likely open up many doors of opportunities to volunteer. Our local schools have a reading program that teams up willing adults with children who need reading help. They also have a grandparent program, placing local senior citizens in the elementary schools to tutor and help out. As a parent of elementary age kids, I can say that their presence makes a huge impact on the children there. Big Brother and Big Sister organizations abound. And many local churches would love to have willing, capable adults mentor their young people. 

Raising children to know Christ is something we are all mandated to do. The job is big and the need is great, that is why God tells all his people to make disciples. 


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This is part 5 of a 31 day series on how to be intentional as a parent, or more specially-creating the family you were meant to have.

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