Tuesday, November 26, 2013

when the enemy tries to steal your Thanksgiving

We just found ourselves a window. A little break in the time, space continuum of parenthood and business running and general life changing was just what we needed.

I'm a simple gal. I don't need much. So when offered the chance of a getaway to a pretty place for two whole nights with only my best bestie in the world, I had to jump. Plus, we needed the time to talk and pray and dream, on account of all those life changing things going on around us.

So we took the time. That's roughly 48 glorious hours of time. We ate rich food and drank good wine. We stayed up too late and slept in long. We wandered through little antique stores and fought capital city traffic to find a pawn shop, because I love my husband and his pawn shop loving ways. We gorged on chips and salsa and bought Christmas ornaments at Target. And we ate gluten free food to die for, which was certainly something I may have felt entitled to after the whole pawn shop excursion.

We came home refreshed. We didn't solve world hunger or anything, but we heard from God. And those sweet messages were just what we needed.

But of course, we had to come home.

It was a tremulous evening. We tucked tired kids in and then proceeded to fight. We fought about nothing really. But once we realized that the glow of our little getaway faded we decided to stop talking about the subject at hand, holding on to the hope that things always look better in the morning after good coffee and prayer time.

The next morning, we continued our stalemate.  Stubbornness dug deep and we decided on a shaky truce. It was full of "I love you but if we continue down this road I just might have to kick you in the shins."

But by mid afternoon all was well.

It highlights the beast within and the trials without. We long to find redemption but our flesh fights against the freedom. So we strive, and we kick and fight, all with not a clue as to why we resist the glory so. It could have taken a harsh disagreement to undo the work done in us and through us in that sacred time alone together. But we choose another direction. We choose the way of grace and to stand side by side, even if it seemed that we weren't seeing eye to eye.

The enemy wants to steal our Thanksgiving. But we won't let him. The distractions of the holiday can seem to undo us, or maybe it's just me. I don't want to miss that. Even though I am preparing for Thanksgiving and little spots of Christmas surround me, I don't want to miss the thanksgiving. I don't want to get sidelined from the most important thing this week. It's family, it's communion, it's grace, it's gratitude, and it's generosity-that is what matters. Not fights. Not busyness. Nothing else.

It's all grace and it all surrounds us.

I had to choose. I had to lift my eyes up beyond the moment and see deeper, see past and look right in the face of grace. His compassionate eyes and nail scared hands say it all. I will embrace that, with a heart of gratitude, this week.

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  1. "see deeper, seep past"... i have to do this every day. if i didn't i would lose it. and when i do my heart really is grateful.


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