Friday, December 27, 2013

it isn't over yet

It came and it went.

But it isn't over. It's never really over, this Christmas thing. It's more than just one day, as much as it is parties and lights, it's also scandalous grace.

It's all joy and presents, and a bit of exhaustion thrown in there too.

We had a lovely Christmas; lazy in the best of ways, quiet with moments of loud, and a nap thrown in for good measure. And now we have just kept grooving along with nowhere to go and no obligations to tend to. Today we wait for my parents to arrive, so we can have Christmas morning all over again tomorrow.

But today, I realize that although Christmas the day is over, the season should last all year. We hold up Christmas as an event in our hearts, but what if we looked at it as constant state of mind?

We all know that Christmas is more. More than packages, more than glitter, more than parties. But how about we lived like it was really more? The name implies as much. Christmas is for celebrating Christ's Mass. A very long time ago Mass merely implied the ending of the service, the word actually comes from the Latin for dismissal. It implied a mission, or a sending out. In the Catholic church, the catechism describes mass as the sacrament of the Eucharist, or holy communion.

Today I think we would be missing something if we didn't spend a few moments thinking on those words. Thinking on Christ and Mass, all together. Christ came, and he came with a mission. Today, as we sojourn on as Christ followers, we have a mission as well. If nothing else, can Christmas remind us of that? Let it be the reminder that we have a mission that isn't just for December 25th, but just as much for February 7 and rainy Saturdays as well.

I don't want to gloss over the mission of Christmas, what it means for me and for our lives today. As we sail into a new year, I want that to be on the forefront of my heart. Christ came and changed everything, you and me and this whole world. The shepherds told everyone they knew on that night so long ago, and today we must do the same-through our actions, through our love showed in service, through our involvement with our community, and our neighbors, and the grocery store clerks we see day in and day out. That is the heart of Christmas, lived out all year long.

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