Friday, December 13, 2013

on Christmas Spirit

If you can stand it, here are some more thoughts on Christmas spirit.

You've got to know that I'm not against it, I just think we should be realistic and all. Like when you're holiday doesn't go right and your bummed and just can't even muster a smile, and then feel guilty because you're not all "happy Christmas! Peace and joy and glitter to everyone I meet!"

I believe as a Christ follower I should be filled with joy, but I also know that sometimes I won't be filled with happy. There is a difference. And this season, this season, we would be missing it if it all we thought of when we though of Christmas spirit was happy sugar plum fairy feelings. 

The day after my last post I read this in She Reads Truth: Emmanuel. (You can find it on the You Version app.)

For the Christmas spirit is the spirit of those who, like their Master, live their whole lives on the principal of making themselves poor - spending and being spent - to enrich their fellow men, giving time, trouble, care, and concern, to do good to others - and not just their own friends - in whatever way there seems need. 
- J.I. Packer

That my friends, is what it's all about. And you know what? It's stretching. The spending of myself, giving out, or even the thought of it and where to begin. But that's just the point. Because if Christ is in us, if the Holy Spirit dwells in the innermost part of us, then we better look pregnant. My life must display Christ in me, just as Mary bowed heavy with child all those years ago. The pregnancy is uncomfortable at times, it leaves marks of stretching; and so it must be with us-those who carry the light and truth of the message of Christ within. He died to come out.

Am I willing to take a risk and spend myself so others can see him this season?

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