Friday, January 31, 2014

why I won't be watching the big game

This year I will be avoiding that big game on Sunday. 

For one thing, I will be trapped in a silver mini van-speeding up Interstate 5 with my family, coming home from a family getaway. I won’t even have the opportunity to watch. However, even if we were home, or able to head to the local watering hole, or the church down the street, I would still choose to abstain.

I will not be watching because I am not okay with exposing my children to the wanton and questionable morals of the advertisers and their desperate attempts to sell their products at any cost. 
Those costs, they are high and I am not willing to pay them.

We all know that for most of us (perhaps most of the female population) that the commercials and the salsa are the best things that Sunday’s big game has to offer. Lately though the commercials leave me with more heartburn than the salsa. They pedal products through tricky advertising, subtly and not so subtly using sex or suggestion to get our attention. 

It’s not just the sexual objectification that we see, it’s the shameless exposure of skin. It’s the idea that sex sells, sex without commitment, sex just for it’s own sake. 

Parents, we can do better for our kids.

The ads are more than racy, they are inappropriate and unsuitable. As a parent I have an obligation to protect my kids, to defend them and to uphold a higher moral standard. Yes, we could watch and use the wonders of modern technology to skip past the commercials. But that won’t keep my kids from reading the lips of foul mouth football players. Or seeing whatever the half time entertainment is. And the rumors have it that this year Bruno Mars will be officiating a same sex wedding during the half time shenanigans.

It is not enough to merely skip past commercials. Our children need to see us taking a stand. We defend them by standing against what is not right in this world, what goes against our biblical standards, what we see as damaging. We have to draw the line somewhere. 

It seems hypocritical to squawk about last year’s commercials, and then plan on watching this year, knowing that we will most likely be seeing more of the same. We must cry out for something better, if not for us, for our children. Because the images that our children see in thirty second clips cannot be erased. And I cannot stand by and see the innocence drain away from my son’s eyes. We all know that media has a profound effect on our children. As parents we see it, it’s as harmless as causing them to want something they don’t need, and as detrimental as exposing them to ideas their tender minds have no business knowing.

You might completely disagree with me, that’s fine. I’m not here to change public policy or mandate my opinions on you. 

At the end of the day all I want is to be able to say that I did the best by my kids. And this weekend, my best comes by way of making a stand. My best comes in the form of protection.  



So I guess it wasn't a thing. I heard it was all good. The commercials were mostly entertaining. The half time show clean and family friendly. And for that I'm glad. I guess the powers that be realized that last year was too much. I didn't watch one single bit of it, so I don't know firsthand. But the word on the street is that all was great. And clean. And for that we can be grateful.


  1. I respect your position. We were surprised that marketing and half-time scaled WAY back on the sexual content. We hope they continue to respect that families watch together, but we're not naive, and will continue to proceed with caution.

    1. I heard that, and for that I'm glad. But like, you-we always proceed with caution!


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