Tuesday, January 21, 2014

why memorizing matters

Today the house is covered in frozen air and gray clouds hang heavy on the ground. All I know to do on these days is bake. The gloom reminds me of how tired I am, tired and worn thin. Whoever said this life should be easy was dead wrong. Because this life, it is hard. We were never promised ease. But we were promised something better. We were promised fulness of joy, peace that doesn’t make sense, and a true home on the other side of this life. 

In the meantime, someone has to shuttle kids to ballet practice. We fight tired and fatigue, and carry through. But Jesus? He has invited to overcome. I remember today that the overcoming must start in my head before it can work it’s way to my soul. And that is why I memorize God’s word. Because his word is the truth and it is my shield. It defends me from the lies and while it won’t remove me from the battle, it is the weapon I need for victory.

Today I turn it over and over in mind.

The word became flesh and dwelt among us. Walked with us. Lived with us. 

These are the words of John, the gospel writer who knew Jesus as he lived on earth. It’s easy for him to say it. The word became flesh. Jesus became human, real and accessible. He walked with John, shared life with him. In the depths of rich community it must have been easy for John to say it. He could say he saw his glory, because he actually did. With his own eyes and ears and heart, he knew Jesus.

Today, I think of that. I say the words. We’re memorizing them as a family, part of the Jesus project. We say them at breakfast, repeat over dinner. In the car the words hang in the air. 

The word became flesh and dwelt among us. And we have seen his glory, glory as of the only son, from the father, full of grace and truth. John 1:14

Those words, that truth, can be a life changer. Because if God really did come down in human form, if the son really did sacrifice his life and rise from the grip of death, victorious over evil, my life must look different for knowing this Jesus. I can walk in victory, not defeat. I can experience fullness of joy, not darkness of depression. This word, it is more than characters on a page, it is life for the weary heart. And not just this verse alone, every single one of them. So we memorize. And as we turn it over, it becomes like the richly tilled earth of the garden. It is fruitful and life giving. The key to life is to be tapped into the source. 

Today, this week, and this still fresh new year is the perfect time to start tapping in. Memorizing. Repeating. And repeating again. Jesus is not just a useful tool to get through life. He is beautiful, a living walking creation, from God and for us. And that will change a life.

For more information on the Jesus Project, please visit A Holy Experience.


  1. I want to know more about the Jesus Project, and about memorizing together as a family. That would be great for us.

    And you are hogging all the wet weather. Send some to Cali please. :)

    1. Yes, here I am in Cali under bright blue skies and hot sun. Us Oregonians are melting here.

      I realized I forgot to include a link for the Jesus Project, it's updated now in the post.


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