Tuesday, February 4, 2014

living a life that makes sense (at least to us)

The snow flies hard today. It swirls and twirls, going down faster and faster still. The sun glows hot white in the middle of it. The juxtaposition of snow and light startle us, and we squint in an effort to watch both at the same time. 

We stand with faces against the wind. Head on, and fully in.

We choose to live upside down. Like snowfall and sunshine mixed together, the life we lead doesn’t always make sense.

This year my husband resigned from his job, away from a steady paycheck and reliable income. God is calling us out into something deeper, something that requires us to walk away from where we are. To say it that way makes it sound easy, effortless even. But we are reminded daily that we are taking the narrow way. We are living upside down. Swimming upstream. As we’ve walked out this reality and begun to prayerfully plan what’s next we find ourselves feeling foolish at times. It doesn’t make sense in light of three hungry mouths, a mortgage and monthly bills. But God chooses the foolish things of the world to shame the wise, and even the wisdom of the world is foolishness in God’s sight. (1 Corinthians 3:18-19)

We had a conversation the other day as we looked at the options. I threw out the idea that I look for a job while we wait for his business to get rolling. And even as it we said it, our hearts sank. Our stomaches soured at the thought. What makes sense in the world’s economy rarely makes sense in God’s. And so we decided to swim upstream.

For us living a life that makes sense means we live differently than those around us. I know it’s not everyone’s choice, and I know it doesn't make sense to others, but we know that our family needs this mom at home. And in that we decision we stand out. We look different. This affects our finances and therefore the choices we make in how we spend our time. But I’m finding that I cannot put a price on my availability at home.

In a world that values getting ahead and climbing the ladder, Jesus asks us to go down. In a world that emphasizes personal achievement, Jesus tells us to worry about the least of these. 

I won’t lie. I cannot say that this is the easy road. It’s not. It is hard, and some months those dollars run out way before the calendar turns.

When it gets hard we remember that we really can do all things through Christ. (Philippians 4:13) We know it’s not a promise that enables us to be superhuman. Taken in it’s context it’s really about being content whatever the circumstances, content not because we have more than we could ever need. Content, not because life is comfortable, but because God is good. 

And then I remember Jesus saying something about being blessed when you’re poor, being lifted up when you’re humble, and being filled when you search after the deep God things. And I realize that living upside down isn’t really that bad after all. 

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  1. I truly enjoyed reading your post and am so thankful I found your site! I do believe that God is good. I have gone through my challenges being a single mother, but one thing I can say is that God has blessed me every day. After my divorce, I went through an emotional roller coaster, and even my faith was tested. After a series of negative events, I spoke to God and I told God that from this day forth I will follow him. After that day, things started turning around for me, everything I focused on I received, and even though I was not financially stable at that time, random people came into my life that truly wanted to help me. I truly believe that if you just believe that God will provide, of course we have to take action, takes risks, but most importantly we have to Believe!

    1. It makes me think of the man who said to Jesus, "I do believe, help my unbelief!" I think we've all got a bit of both in us, but I'm praying that my belief takes over my unbelief! Thank you for sharing!

  2. I too think God is calling me to be at home, but It will be hard. Thanks for the encouragement.

    1. If God is calling, he will make the way- he's always right on time!

      Praying for boldness for you!

  3. I recently read this in Hebrews, and was SO encouraged by it.
    "All these people were still living by faith, when they died... they admitted that they are aliens and strangers on earth. People who say such things show that they are looking for a country of their own... Instead, they were longing for a better country- a heavenly one." Hebrews 11:13 a, 14, 16.
    Here's how the Spirit encouraged me, and I hope it will encourage you. We are strangers here; this side of heaven. But like Abel, Noah, Enoch, Moses, Abraham, Rahab...(those that have gone before us). WE WALK AND LIVE BY FAITH, always longing for and POINTING TO that "better country."
    WE are daily bombarded by this world's opinion of how we should live/measure up (it ain't easy being a Jones in a "keeping up with the Joneses" world) BUT GOD. Continue to be faithful to HIM, and go where He leads. I'm excited to watch from this blogging distance His glory in your lives because of your faithfulness to Him.

  4. Thank you friend.

    That is encouraging. And I'll remember it when my extended family thinks I'm crazy ;)

    I keep thinking that as Christ followers, we need to live radically different-we fit in with our culture far too much. Even though it's hard, I think we're at the point where we don't really care what people-God will hold himself accountable for our lives, no other opinion or judgement matters.


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