Friday, February 21, 2014

memorizing, because the fact that God said should be enough

For the days when the battle rages, for those times when we feel outnumbered and left alone, for the discouraging moments, and when we walk in seasons of defeat-God's word is all sufficient for our every need. That's why we memorize it. That's why we cling to rugged Bibles, worn with reading, strained from being stretched open day after day.

The power in God’s word comes from the fact that he said it. It only takes God saying it to make it full of power, and never failing. I can say a lot of words, and often I do, but all of the words I will ever say will never have the same power and authority that just one word from God does. That is why memorizing the word is such a vital step on our journeys to freedom.

Charles Spurgeon describes God’s word as an all conquering weapon. We know the word of God is sharper than any two edged sword, but I think we sometimes fail to realize what this means for us. A single edged sword is good for slashing and cutting when you’re in a higher position, it’s the perfect weapon if you already have the upper hand. Perhaps you’re winning the sword fight and have the higher ground, then you can use a single edge sword with ease to quickly dispatch your enemies. 

But what if you don’t have the higher ground? What if you’re quickly losing the battle? That’s when we can experience the beauty of the double edged sword. A double edged sword was often used in battle when there were enemies advancing from both sides. With two edges, the sword is equally effective if swung from the right or the left. The use of a double edged sword gives the warrior a significant advantage when the enemy is encroaching from all sides.

Here now is the reminder that we have the tools we need to not only fight the battle, but win it. How often do I forget this? Nearly every day. Daily I struggle, I fight on my own, or I let the lies of the enemy defeat me. I forget that I have a sure and steady weapon accessible to me, only most of the time I leave it in it’s sheath and I loose another fight. I’m awfully tired of that. God’s word is sure, God’s word is powerful, God’s word is my best protection, and God’s word is my best defense. 

I store God’s word in my head and in my heart because of this simple line in Hebrews 13: 5, “because God has said.” He said it. That makes it true and reliable and fitting for every single battle I will ever face. When I’m struggling or when I am rejoicing, the fact that “he has said” must set the rhythm for my day. It is to be my song, but I can’t sing if I don’t know the words. I can’t sing it if I don’t remember the tune. I love how Spurgeon describes God’s word, and the power that knowing it has for us. He says there might be a promise that is absolutely perfect for our situation, but we don’t know it, and miss it’s comfort. Or there may be a key to unlock us from our dungeon and set us free, but we remain captive because we do not know how close our liberty is. 

“Should you not, besides reading the Bible, store your memories richly with the promises of God?...ought you not be profound in your knowledge of the words of God, so that you may be able to quote them readily... ‘He hath said” is the source of all wisdom, and the fountain of all comfort, let it dwell in you you shall grow healthy, strong, and happy in the divine life.”

There is power in his word. There is sureness in his promises. And why wouldn't we memorize it so that we can access his rich storehouse anytime? 

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