Wednesday, February 19, 2014

preaching to myself-starting the hard things only takes one first step

Sometimes all you need is one old dictionary and a whole lot of staples.

If you follow me on Instagram you may remember the dictionary wall disaster. It has proven to be fodder for much laughter around here. It has also proven to really get me angry. Like a lot more than a failed project should. I realize that there's more to this than just what I see on the surface.

This weekend I did something about it.

Sometimes just getting something done is better than doing nothing at all.

A picture for life, right?

I can get so easily defeated or discouraged over many things. It's hard to be a good mom. It's hard to maintain healthy habits. It's hard to be a good wife. It's hard to be bold and share your faith with others. It's hard to do a lot of good things that we know we should be doing.

And sometimes, we can let that get to us and defeat us before we even try. The only thing that I can say today is that we must just do the first thing, the first hard thing is the first step to victory in that area. To follow through on discipline with your kids. To bravely apologize for a wrong done to another. To put on your icky workout clothes and commit to getting that sweat session in. To open the door and let that neighbor who is struggling in.

One little step towards the goal is much better than wallowing in defeat before we even try. And I think that we are pretty good about defeating ourselves, we tell ourselves how hard it will be or how we can't do a thing. We say it long enough and those lies become our truth.

Today, let's try giving ourselves a different message. Let's tell ourselves we can do this. We can take one step. All life asks of us is one step at at a time.

What's that one hard thing you know you need to do today? And what is that one step you can take to get closer to getting it done?

And now, here's the fun part: let's go out and do it.

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