Friday, February 14, 2014

romance and tacos

Some might call it boring. I call it remarkable. How we can sit by each over greasy taco shop takeout. It’s remarkable how we’re so comfortable as us, even though just yesterday the angry words were flying. It’s remarkable that we fall in love more and more with the people that we are growing up into.

We married young, and some would say that’s a mistake. If it was, it was the best mistake ever. Deciding to share life together so young gives you a multitude of opportunities to fall in love all over again as you grow. I fell in love as I watched you tongue tied at my parent’s front door seventeen years ago. I fell in love again as I looked into your misty eyes over a bouquet of roses at the altar. And with each child, each life change, and each big decision we make I fall in love more. 

Thank you for over looking my selfishness. Thank you for staying quiet about my mistakes. Thank you for not tolerating the occasional bad attitude. Thank you for being okay with me stapling dictionary pages to the bathroom wall and moving the furniture around compulsively. Mostly, thank you for being present every single day of this marriage. Even when my stubborn heart makes it difficult.

I don't think we're boring. Let’s call us settled, in a good way. We settle into each other over tacos, over popcorn, over coffee, and in a thousand other places. Our faces wear the lines of our stories and experiences. Our bed sags as a testament to the times we come together in the dark. And my body shows the evidence of three babies grown out of love.

Let’s just not call it luck. Let’s call it determination and hard commitment. It’s romance, the romance of being there for each day in and day out. It’s the best gift I’ve ever received, and it’s the hardest gift I’ve ever given.

And this week, as we celebrate your birth and also celebrate all romantic love, I am grateful for us. For us and contentment and commitment and the storms we’ve weathered and the mountains we’ve yet to climb. 

I love you Zac, and I'm so proud to be your Mrs.

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