Friday, February 7, 2014


It has been snowing for days. But you know this.

You don’t know that it’s my favorite. I really don’t understand why people get all grumpy about the weather. Which makes me not a favorite when I’m out and about proclaiming my love for all things snow. As long as it’s not icy, I’m good.

I love how snow changes things. Everything looks different, transformed. Maybe the best thing is how it changes our patterns. It’s like this great big slow down occurs. We go out only for the necessary. We stay still and quiet, just as muffled as the outside is under it’s thick white blanket.

But snow, it also ramps up my need for baked goods. And hot chocolate.

We ran out of premix stuff the other day, so I went old school. I followed the recipe on the box of cocoa powder, and it resulted in the most divine cup of cocoa our home has ever known. It probably didn’t hurt that we added a few handfuls of white chocolate chips-you know, just in case. 

And yes, it was good. 

Also, our two hour school delay today prompted a spontaneous donut baking incident. I will argue until my dying day that snow days require donuts and treats and copious amounts of hot coffee. 

Also? The Olympics. I'm trying to get into it, but I'm just not there for some reason. I anticipate a plethora of reading while my family glues their faces to the screen for the next two weeks. And I think that's okay.

The kids are off to school now, and I can’t help but look at the window at the steady snowfall. My sympathy goes out to those teachers who have antsy kids all cooped up in the classroom today. The forecast calls for more of this, and my entire family is welcoming it with open arms. Literally, because my kids stand in the road daily with faces upturned and arms wide. They look like the cast of some kind of redemption themed movie.  

And now if you are any one of my parents, please enjoy these pictures of the snow in our backyard, taken from our living room window. Because I was not about to go out there. Period. 

And for good measure, one of a happy (albeit freezing kiddo.)

I will never get over the monkey hat. That she's been wearing for years now. 

Have a safe and warm weekend friends. I'll be here, with my face glued to the window and a donut in my hand.


  1. Love the change in perspective the beautiful white snow brings too! I love Job 37:6-7 that our Pastor encouraged us to meditate on in place of our regular Sunday Worship Service that was cancelled due to the snow....God can stop the hand and activities of man simply with the weather....and when that happens, I wonder why we just don't stop all the activities we feel compelled to do more often than we do. I'm pondering Psalm 91 verse by verse and it's amazing.
    And, I also love the pictures...thank you! And I'm wondering about your donut recipe....P L E A S E???


    1. Yes-donuts! It's from…...

      They are so, so good!

  2. After successive weeks of frigidness, I'll admit that I'm not a huge fan of winter, but those pictures of yours? Those are beautiful. And increased donuts and cocoa and baked good consumption? That's beautiful, too.

    1. Yes, donuts make everything worthwhile, don't they?


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