Wednesday, March 19, 2014

how to find your place in life when things are changing around you

Often I feel like I have two left feet. I can’t seem to figure out where I belong, like a misfit  store brand doll in a world of Barbies. No matter what, that doll just doesn’t fit in. 

It’s been a few months now since we had our final Sunday as a part of a wonderful church staff. We’ve pieced together a hazy plan for the next phase in life but on the way  we’ve asked ourselves countless questions about what our lives are supposed to look like now. Because there’s a very large chasm between the call of God to go out and do something different, and the actual doing of the different thing. We are somewhere in between right now, and it feels a little desert like.  

I think some of you can relate. You hear the call, you feel the need, and you know it’s your time to step out in faith and do that new thing. But you also know that there is an entire desert to cross before you can actually get to the new thing. It can be discouraging if we only focus on how far we have to go. The Israelites wandered the desert to reach a destination that would have only taken a few weeks by direct route. And we aren’t much different.

Today I remind myself that although I have a desert to cross, I don’t journey alone. And that the God who called me is good and will bring me to other side. For all the meantimes we find ourselves in, we must remember to be patient because God is completing his work in us.

And when we don’t feel like we fit in we must remember that our place in life is not measured by what others think of us. Our place in life is all about who we belong to. Our place in life is not measured by our accomplishments, jobs, positions, titles, or children; our place is measured in the span of two outstretched arms who opened up to die in our place. 

In times of transition we have to lean hard into the one thing that really matters. 

Do we forget that we’ll never really find our place, never really be content until we can learn to sit and just be at the feet of Christ? Finding our place is really about finding out who we are and living deeply in that. And then living out of that. Finding our place isn’t about what we do, is it about whose we are. 

When there are more questions than answers, we have a place in Christ.

When our needs are too vast, we have an immeasurable inheritance.

When we are at the end of ourselves, we have a God who died so we can be found. 

Remaining in Him,



  1. Gina, Thank you for the reminder. I get so impatient waiting for the Lord to act in a way I can see. I know He is working behind the scenes right now, but I want tangible results. NOW!

    1. His unseen work is always the hardest, I find it hard to wait too - especially when you can't see what he's up to!

  2. Great post,
    right now I am in transitional change in my life i'm transferring to another school in a place I don't know anybody and it's well, you know .... discouraging. Also my church is in a transitional period of certain people stepping down and others stepping up. All of these things leave me so confused, I'm not sure what is going to happen but I sure dont want to stay in the dessert any longer than I have too !! thank you for sharing !


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