Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My Story

First, I am a mom to three kids and a wife to a gorgeous husband. And I love Jesus Christ with everything I’ve got. Some days that feels like that’s not very much.

I live in Central Oregon where the sun shines plentifully and the nights are crispy cold all year long. The mountains tower over us from the west, and cold clear rivers beckon us to walk along their shores. It is paradise. 

But before all of this, I met Jesus. My life with him began like a slow waking up, and just like I can’t remember the day of my birth or when I met my parents, that’s how it is  about meeting Christ. He has just always been there. Even though I can’t pinpoint the moment of my conversion, I can tell you the exact moment when God became real to me. My life has never been the same since.

It was in a tiny dorm room, at a small Christian college when my journey to faith became personal. I was visiting as a senior in high school and was living through the painful consequences of poor choices. It was my transformation moment, as I heard God speak   to me the exact words I needed to hear. I don’t know if it was audible or not, but it was loud enough. I left that dorm room that day a different person, not because of some loud evangelistic outreach or event-but because Jesus revealed himself.

Since then I have been daily walking with God, and trying to understand the full reality of his sacrificial death on my behalf. I am reminded daily that all I am is a sinner saved by grace, and grace alone. I did nothing to deserve God’s lavish gift to me, and it’s just the same with you. We all need grace. And none of us has what it takes to save ourselves. 

My encounter with Jesus all those years ago put me on a journey that I will not complete until I’m on the other side of glory and standing before Christ. It’s a journey that’s been hard at times, but also full of inexpressible joys and lasting peace. I pray it’s a journey that everyone will come to experience, because it is the ride of a lifetime.
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