Monday, March 31, 2014

why I roast my own coffee, and how you can too

It’s no secret that my goal is to live my life with purpose and intention. It’s a blessing and curse that I spend most of my time in my brain. And unfortunately, it’s rarely quiet in there. I am always assessing the effectiveness of what I do and how I do it. 

With that in mind, I put a lot of thought into the things I consume. I want to maximize my time and my budget, without sacrificing quality. Enter home roasted coffee.

A friend of mine introduced me to the concept about a year and half ago, and I’ve been home roasting ever since. The experts over at Sweet Maria’s can tell you more about the hows, and even the whys, of home roasting. Let me just tell you that it makes the best cup of joe this girl has ever made at home. 

I continue to home roast now for several reasons:

It’s cheap.

It’s easy.

I control the quality. If I want a lighter roast, I do it. If I’d like something darker, I can do that too. 

The coffee is also extremely fresh. Most of what we purchase from the store, or the local coffee shop, has been roasted weeks or even months ago. And a lot of it is roasted to point of burning. That doesn’t make for a good cup of coffee. 

Also, there’s the issue of sustainability. Sweet Maria’s works with brokers and purchases most of the coffee direct from growers. Putting it really simply, this process ensures that the growers and harvesters will get a fair wage for their products, and you get a good cup of coffee. 

Heard enough to make your curious? All you need to get started is a simple popcorn popper and some beans. They start out green, and end up beautiful and fragrant. I purchase all my beans from Sweet Maria’s, and haven’t been disappointed yet. I like that they sell their beans in one pound quantities, so I can pick and choose what sounds good. And on the off chance that’s the coffee isn’t to my liking, I’m not stuck with a ton of it. If you’d like to know more, there is a wealth of information at Sweet Maria’s site-including tips and tricks, and an entire library full of useful information. 

To roast the beans all I do is put half a cup of beans in the popper (make sure it’s a vented bottom popper) and roast them until they’re done. This takes a little practice to get right, as each machine is different. Also, humidity and temperature play a roll as to how long it takes to get the perfect roast. Mine is 12 minutes, yours might be seven. Again, there’s a good deal of tips on the website.

The bottom line is that I can now roast and brew the best cup of coffee. And that gets my day off to a good start, and because the quality is so good I drink less. Which is probably better all around. It's enough to make me slow down and enjoy the process of making and drinking coffee, just knowing all that it takes to get from the tree to my cup. It's coffee, with intention.

And now for the fine print; Sweet Maria’s did not sponsor this post and all opinions here are totally mine. I think you get the point, go visit their site and browse around. And then try a sample bag and give it a go. I’d love to hear what you think.

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  1. mmmmmmmm coffee...i heart coffee....thanks for sharing these tips!


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