Friday, April 4, 2014

how to be victorious

Not only did Jesus cancel the regulations of the old law, that law that held us and depended on our works and sacrifice, Jesus made a new way of grace. 

But he didn’t stop there, he went on to do even more. He gave us victory by disarming every power that will ever come against us. And to that he added one more thing. He made a public spectacle of the enemy. 

He did it all for the sake of my victory. He did it all because he wanted you to be free.

Do we get that? Do we really see that through Jesus we have freedom? We don’t have to walk in bondage to sin anymore. We don’t have to be a slave to old patterns and bad habits and all the ways of this worldly life that lead to death. How can we walk in bondage anymore, when Jesus made a way for us to be free?

He bought our freedom on the cross, and made a spectacle of the enemy. And I continue choosing my way over his. I continue to put on my works and my good girl efforts, I continue to depend on my own working to bring me salvation.

Let this truth sink in: Jesus bought your freedom. He not only died for you and for me, he basically told the enemy what for. It wasn’t a quiet talking to, away from the crowd. He took the tools of the enemy away and called him out. He did that because he loves us, and he did that because he longs for us to walk in freedom.

Why do we allow ourselves to be held captive by sin when we have already been handed victory? How sad to think that so often I choose to put on chains rather than walk boldly in Christ’s victory for me. His sacrifice isn’t just about forgiveness of our sins, it’s also about the defeat of every stronghold that tries to take the peace in our lives. We have been given freedom. But we must choose to walk in it. 

Today I choose to walk in freedom by taking every thought captive

Today I choose to walk in freedom by putting on love, kindness, compassion, and forgiveness. 

Today I choose to walk in freedom by accepting God’s gracious gift through Jesus, and wearing my victory like the royal robe it is-even when I know the enemy is trying to defeat me. 

Today I make that choice, I use praise as my shield and God’s word as my sword. 

And today, I will decide to walk as a child of the king-safe from harm-being aware of the enemy's schemes and telling him he has no place in messing with me, all in the authority of the king of kings. 

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