Monday, May 19, 2014


As we start a new week, let’s remember who has the final say in who we are. It’s not our friends, not our neighbors, not the stranger at the grocery store, not even our spouse. God alone is the one who defines us, he is the one who has the final say and he calls me his beloved daughter.

In the fiery furnace of parenting, let’s remember that there is grace for our mistakes and mercy for that time we told one of our kids to shut it when we were mad. Let’s remember that isn’t not just the moments that define us a parents, but it’s the long road that makes a family. We’re always learning, always adjusting. Sometimes getting it right, even when it feels like we usually get it wrong.

In the tight places, where we feel like we don’t measure up, we don’t have enough to be the mom, the wife, the bread winner, the friend, let’s remember that in Christ we have all we need. He is all sufficient for everything, having died for us he now sits before the father interceding for us night and day. We have the greatest cheerleader, the most victorious champion, the wisest counselor and the most steadfast of friend in Christ. 

That is enough for every weakness, every mistake, every victory and every joy. Christ is enough for all of these, he is enough for you on this brand new week and he will be enough for you tomorrow. He is the one who holds it all together.

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