Wednesday, May 21, 2014

the state of the farm

I mean the state of the home. We don't live on a farm, despite the variety of children and wildlife that seem to keep showing up around here. And with the chickie girls we are now outnumbered animals to people.

I've been a funk lately, working on a book and buried deep in it. It seems the deeper I get, the more inside my head I get and that very often creates a funk in me. Couple that with life in general and poutyness has become a regular feature for me. I hear that's not good for wrinkles.

In a quest to be more caring to myself I sat for a while and thought of the things that feed me. Those fill me up and make me happy things. One of those is toting around a big huge camera and using it well. The phone camera just doesn't do in this case. However it does help capture silly things like the refresher I picked up from Starbucks this afternoon.

The gals are growing fast. Very fast. They have officially been banned to the outside, at least during the day because I can't stand it anymore. The coop isn't ready, and they aren't ready to be out all the time either. They are an awkward combination of fluff and feathers. True teenagers. Complete with the smell. Despite their smelly shortcomings, I am glad to have them with their quirky personality and egg laying potential. Because I must be honest. I'm just in it for the eggs.

Also, the garden is seeded. And I lament the fact that I didn't start seeds this year and that we live in a climate with an incredibly short growing season. But things are sprouting and soon we'll be able to put out tomatoes and cucumbers. I have always gone by the old timer's advice around here, don't plant tender crops until June first or until the snow has melted off nearby Black Butte. Neither has happened.

So we wait.

In the meantime I enjoy my favorite corner ever and wait for things to grow.

I take care of myself by eating fresh green things and resting when I need to.

And I wear my favorite dress and enjoy a new haircut.

Small ways to find rest, but all important the same.

I'm sick of talking about me now, so tell me-how to do you perk yourself up when you're in a funk?

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  1. love the dress and the haircut and your favorite corner and the promise of veggies and eggs. Do not love being in my head either. glad you find ways to get out of there! xo


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