Monday, May 5, 2014

why we need your song

There’s a scene in Toy Story 2 where Wheezy the squeaky penguin needs to have his squeaker fixed. He can’t squeak like he used to and this has made him depressed. He feels useless. Things change when his friends surround him and help him to restore his squeaker. At one point Woody asks Wheezy how he feels, the most natural and fitting response for Wheezy was to declare that he felt a song coming on. He needed to be restored so he could begin singing again.

We all have a song that we were made to sing. God placed within each one of us a certain melody that is not meant to be kept quiet. Our songs are those things that God created in us to do, they might be better described as our passions. They are those creative things that God has gifted us with. Whether you know it or not, you were called by a creator God to be creative.  

You might balk at this idea. You might think that you’re not creative. If you think of creativity in a fine arts way, you are limiting the very idea of creativity. Of course, your song could literally be art in the form of painting or sculpting. But who’s to say that art isn’t created in the kitchen over a bubbling pot? Or in a classroom before a group of eager students? Or in a board room, pitching a brilliant idea? Or in a garden, lush with home grown produce? Maybe your art is displayed in the tender way you care for your children or your spouse. Or maybe your art is music and melody, poured out over a piano. It might be your career or it might be your hobby, but it’s your song and God wants you to sing. This world needs to hear your song.

We all have a song. But like Wheezy, sometimes our songs become silenced. 

There may be seasons where the enemy wants to steal your voice. You might feel like your purpose is under attack or you’re being grossly misunderstood. Those seasons are painful and difficult, but they must not silence our voice. We can't allow the detractors to keep us from living out the art God created us to live. Maybe circumstances like depression or illness have robbed you of your voice. Maybe you can’t get to doing that very thing that feels like singing because life has been too hard, too long, too painful.

Community and friends can help us reclaim our voice. Wheezy needed his friends to gather around him and help to restore him back to who he was intended to be. It’s no different for us. We were created to sing, but we often need the support of close friends to bring out the melody.

If you are in a season of silence, the chances are pretty good that there are people around you that can help you to recover your voice. And as you begin singing, you will encourage others to do the same. Just imagine how beautiful the collective chorus of our lives will be as we all sing together.

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